Four More Years?

Let me be the first to wish you kull aam wa-antum bi-khayr! From my humble tent in the oasis to yours.

Or kal hristuyenna! In case we have to learn Greek before we are forced to speak Arabic. Nothing like getting a little jump on the coming attractions. Just to be safe always follow the Greek Happy New Year with Allah Akbar! You may slide by under the radar and get free food stamps, good for all the pita bread you can carry…and pita bread will get you by not only in Greece but in the entire Middle East and most of the future Transformed States of America.

What part of the transformation or betrayal do you still not get? The Muslim Brotherhood has been elevated to statehood and United Nations recognition and is now the predominant government body in most Middle East countries. They have guns, planes, tanks, ships, lots of our money and the full cooperation and weight of the White House to give them credibility.

The Jews have been publicly targeted for annihilation and sanctioned by the august members of the United Nations.

At home we have officially been betrayed by every body of government…Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court. How I wish someone would have listened to me years ago and changed that name to something more appropriate…Supreme should be reserved when referring to a deity or God…Obama has given strong consideration to adopting the word to his office and refer to the court as The Old White Guys Who do What They are Told Court.

Still don’t get it? We were just told that the way to reduce the tax burden on Middle Class Americans is to raise their taxes. Hence you will all be chopped another whack on withholding taxes if you find work. Bush tax cuts were not extended, put that in your pipe and smoke it…Oh yeah, smoking is banned in a lot of good places, so just stuff it. Obama Care is about to cut your legs out from under you too but don’t go looking for sympathy or a doctor to stitch them back on…it’s not covered. Getting the picture?

The last Navy Seal to be killed didn’t even make it to page six. He committed suicide in a helicopter that crashed in Iran. His name is commander Job Price. If you are interested in the sordid details just call Barak…the most open, transparent….(sigh). The smelling salts are on me…

In the old days, (WW I), before instant messaging, a common phrase among units behind the front lines was, “any news form the front”? We get less news now that we have media-freeze…I wonder what would happen if the New York Times went into the business of journalism? Suicide? Possibly more likely they would become a casualty of the economy.

Barak scooted back to Hawaii to complete a much needed vacation. Michelle and the kids can’t wait for another photo op before he heads to the links and Michelle begins to plan their next vacation. Heavy is the head that wears the crown in these troubled times. He almost had to work to get what he wanted and two press conferences in three days can take a toll on a guy. Even so, screwing three hundred million people for a crown seems well worth the price.

Let’s sum up. Blood clots are not painful. The treatment is oral. In Hilary’s case it is the only oral event planned for the next four years. (That reminds me, where’s Bill)?

Mary Shapiro will resign as Chairman of the S.E.C. with the singular achievement of not having achieved a single thing in four years. We don’t even know her name, do you? Crowd Funding legislation to make life easier for entrepreneurs will remain firmly ensconced in her “in” box long after she hits the trail. By the way, read my book. Crowd Funding eases restrictions to seeking capital but has anyone figured out where the exit strategy is? I didn’t think so. The real (and only) solution is in the book.

Notice how quiet Eric Holder is since he was exonerated by an impartial investigation of any wrong doing in the Fast and Furious debacle? When he is not in the spotlight rest assured he is busying himself with the skullduggery Obama loves him for.

Both of Barry’s birth certificates have been totally, officially and professionally, exposed for what they are…fictitious…Of course anyone who has the audacity to mention that old ruse should have his head examined, right? I would be more inclined to have my head helmeted, all things considered.

While Obama’s democrats and even some Republicans claim they are saving the middle class from an awful tax hike, the truth is that the economy will do to the middle class what every aspiring dictator must do…they will either climb the ladder of success and pay more taxes or join the entitlement society…The real target of this administration, like all autocrat wannabe’s is the destruction of the middle class and they’re doing a yeoman’s job at that. Did your proud recent graduate, Social Anthropologist find that dream job yet? Keep dreaming, we’re going to need lots of them, come the revolution.

We have witnessed the most successful four years any cabal could ask for and the icing on the cake for this transforming administration is that the witnesses saw nothing; neither are they inclined to hear or say anything, much to our regret. Bloodshed is still the last option on the table but it is looking more and more like the transformation will be complete without firing a shot. You told me once but I forgot…exactly why do we have to own our guns?

In case you’re wondering, my precious American flag, torn and tattered, is still at half mast on the flag pole behind my house. If anything, I’m thinking of putting up another pole to fly two flags at half mast; one for the country and one for the wanton loss of life and idiotic solutions to violence we are fed. Bad guys get their guns from good guys, right? Wrong, my suicidal, automatic weapon antagonist and fellow citizen, wrong. 

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. It could not be put more clearly and succinctly. 

Never in the history of this country has the Second Amendment been so important due to the one reason it exists…the threat of oppressive government. Get it? 

Four more years? Demand that Barak be removed and prosecuted. Disarm Barak not me. My gun will serve to defend you if we have the privilege to defend our honor.

 God bless America,


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