Thanks for Nothing

January First, 2013; Happy New Year.

May the New Year bring awareness, resolve and courage needed to dispose of the the man who has already been exposed as the only thing wrong with America. (With the exception that we elected and now tolerate him).

This will be a year when our patriotism and citizenship will be sorely tested, as never before. Our traditional American mettle, desperately needed to restore this nation as a functioning Constitutional Republic, has been challenged repeatedly for four years. We Americans have shown extraordinary patience on the one hand and an inordinate lack of willingness to react, on the other. We elected the most unqualified man in history, disinclined to demand proof of his unlikely assertions; place of birth, parentage, education, travel documents and religious affiliation, to name just a few, all left to doubt and speculation and we pay him homage. 

When we were invaded we did nothing. We were lied to incessantly and we did nothing. We have been diminished as a nation and still we do nothing. Our credit rating has been dropped and will be dropped again soon; its not our problem. Our wealth and earnings have been redistributed without reservation to any and all takers, the lazy, the system manipulators, the conveniently indigent and illegal residents, yet we fail to take notice. We bail out failing companies selectively, invest in already failed companies and companies doomed to failure and we attribute the losses to poor judgement or the vagaries of the investment arena. Arrogance, imperial attitudes, corruption, favoritism, total lack of responsibility and rampant dereliction of duty did not raise our ire. Our enemies have been funded and encouraged our allies disparaged and discouraged and we seek no redress. The cabal infringes on our right to have and bear arms with dedicated tenacity and our rebuttal is confined to their argument. Our Judea Christian heritage, the core of our value system, has been denied and denigrated while deference is given to an organization sworn to our destruction, the Muslim Brotherhood; and we show no resentment or discomfort. Beware the ides of January, February, March, the American Spring and the dog days of summer.

 On his way to his second inauguration this faux president has thumbed his nose at our legitimate demand for disclosure in the most neglectful deaths and shameful betrayal of our foreign service in history, sabotaged our efforts, meager as they were, to bring fiscal responsibility to the management of our economy, demanded carte blanche borrowing power and economy-crippling tax policies, promises less cooperation to the opposing party and increased tax burdens in the near future with a process-usurping autocratic, haughty speech and we blame Congress for the conception of these exigencies. Congress is guilty of ineptness, a modicum of betrayal and gutless performance but the burdens they are allowing us to endure are the sole proprietary property of the Commander in Sheik.

Mitch McConnell, an apparent voice of reason in the asylum that is our political arena, revealed his political dysfunctional aptitude, when he called for his old adversary and compatriot, Joe, “you have to spend your way out of debt” Biden, to resolve the stalemate in both Houses; like asking Lizzie Borden to carve the Christmas turkey, there can only be one result…and we got it. Nothing ventured, that’s for sure, and nothing gained, that’s double sure.

Is anyone out there biting his/her fingernails to the bone in anxious anticipation, awaiting the resolution to our perennial fiscal conundrum? It doesn’t take a Houdini to mystify you does it? Any 10 year old with a newly acquired, garden variety magic set can bemuse and befuddle you sufficiently for this administration to rub their hands together gleefully as they mystically produce nothing from thin air.


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