Whose New Year is it?

Beware the ides of January, February, March….

Air Force One and Two and the doggy plane too, plus assorted support planes, soared into the sky headed for sunny Hawaii, leaving a carbon footprint the size of Al Gore’s ego and a trail of dollars that could keep the lights on in Detroit for fifty years and Obama, in the spirit of the season, was heard to shout back to the mainland, “Merry Kissmyass to one and all! I’ll be back when the crisis calls!”.

And so the exalted one, at great sacrifice to his golf game, cut his vacation short to preside over the country’s affairs as we loomed ever closer to the dreaded fiscal cliff…perhaps to put some closure to unanswered questions, like…who let the dog out? He’s fast and I’m furious. Like, will my inauguration be worthy of my exalted status? Will there be enough pomp and circumstance? Will the crisis suffice? Should I redesign the American flag before I’m sworn in with my hand on Jefferson’s Koran? Should I wear a flag in my lapel or is it time to drop the pretense? Should I cure Hilary’s concussion/lock jaw and let her phumpher through a press conference? Should I give Congress the importance they don’t deserve and let them question her? Should I give the NY Times list of registered gun owners to my pal Eric and collect their guns in January, February or March? Should I drop Krushchev’s other shoe and let the people know what I gave to Vladimir for a Kissmyass present? Next year everyone gets a fee Kissmyass tree, write that down…

The betrayal is only in its infancy my fellow Americans. The promises to provide are coming fast and furious and the delivery is still mired in bureaucratic unconcern. The children of Sandy Hook received their five minutes of tearful presidential concern and the political advantage is not unrecognized. Guns did this horrible thing and guns will pay.

The storm ravaged North East is still a pitiful disaster with recovery clearly a tribute to American fortitude, neighborly love and fellowship…with government assistance coming in a laggard fourth.

The fiscal cliff will be a permanent geographical fixture as Obama has successfully convinced the entire universe that taxes and spending, confiscation and borrowing will solve any financial conundrum. The Republicans will accede to the demands of their superiors and deliver a neatly packaged, bows and all box of betrayal, and tell us the devil made them do it.

A good stern, finger wagging lecture will give the Middle East potentate murderers pause enough to be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood company.

A solid speech of undaunting support will leave Israel on the outside looking in, left to their own devices to thwart total annihilation while the United Nations abandons all pretext of neutrality and America stuffs body bags with money to fund their anti American, anti Western civilization, anti Israel, pro Islam solutions to world problems.

The State Department, even while Hilary is recuperating from a nasty stomach virus that caused dehydration, fainting spells, concussion, lockjaw and amnesia will follow standard administration protocol; issue an official investigative cover up report on Benghazi and transfer the responsible parties to more responsible positions until we stop asking embarrassing questions…questions that don’t embarrass anyone except clear thinking Americans.

In January, February and March Obama will take our money, our guns, our voices, our self respect and self determination and run to the United Nations like and hound dog with a limp Pea Hen in its jaws, tail a-wagging, waving on the Muslim Brotherhood with one arm, holding the palm his hand on his other arm in the face of our Judea Christian heritage. Next year free cell phones, free lunch and dinner, free schools for friends of the president, free houses and free Kissmyass trees for everyone. If we allow it.

God blessed America. It is time to oust the cabal. It is time for Americans to understand what is meant when we are told this is our country…Unlike every other citizen of every other country it doesn’t mean we come from America, it means we actually own America. Do not stand by and let a cabal take our property, our liberty, our Constitution and our freedom.


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