We need our guns so that we may not have to use them.

We are armed for the right reasons.

As long as the left continues to control the dialogue we will continue to have discussions that suit their agenda and may have no practical application in a Conservative, Constitutional world…This has resulted in an unnatural fear of guns and the avoidance of serious discussions on serious issues. I don’t know why Republicans are so afraid to stand by the Constitution and allow others to frame their morality and flay their arguments.

I say unnatural fear of guns because whenever we have a tragic shooting the conversation is directed toward the Right to Bear Arms and a concocted need to have controls with never a mention of the crimes that are prevented by gun-toters. There are guns galore on military bases and crime is rarer than democrat confessions. The last crime on a military base was a terrorist attack renamed work place violence; a very good reason to keep the guns we have. Allah Akbar to you too.

 No matter the choice of weapon used in a homicide the paranoids cry for a ban on assault weapons. The only assault we should fear is the assault on the Second Amendment. Most homes in rural America have shotguns and hunting rifles on hand and when a youngster is old enough to lift a gun they are taught to respect the thing and how and when to shoot it. Some hang over mantles, some on wall racks and some over the rear windows of pickup trucks. There has never been a case of a gun attacking a person. In urban areas homes that are known to have gun owners residing, are unmolested. Most crimes are committed with handguns anyway by criminals who won’t bother to register their weapons and certainly won’t give them up if asked politely. But trying to outlaw handguns is a secondary consideration; governments that fear gun ownership want your high powered stuff that makes them very uncomfortable when they go from taxes to confiscation and democracy to autocracy.

 Joe Biden already sponsored a bill that banned automatic weapons but it expired. Now that Barak made him the front man to negotiate with WeThePeople he will reconsider that ban and go for broke; after all we have a crisis on our hands. Most Americans, including politicians who will be giving this issue their best consideration, don’t know what automatic weapons are to begin with. Obama is counting on our ignorance and knows that if he gets a ban that is so ambiguous he can fill in the blanks later and outlaw pea shooters and sling shots. We all have vivid images in our minds of Chinese Freedom Fighters beating back tanks and planes with sling shots and body barriers…you know, where a shmo lies down in front of a tank and the tank loses.

 Americans have the right to bear arms because only in America does the government answer to the people. That is what sets us apart from every other democracy in the world. Our forefathers knew that one day the government of the people would be challenged and only our guns, as a line of last defense, could discourage attempts to bring us a king. This Obama cabal/government wants to reverse the order of the “problematic” Constitution, cancel the Bill of Rights and be our one and only and all things to us all. Dictators believe that faith in a Higher Power with the belief that all freedom comes from God is the main impediment to their ambitions and the pursuit of autocratic ideology; and they are right. Guns are a pesky, inconvenient obstacle to smooth transitions. So let’s hang on to our guns and bibles in case the founders knew a thing or two about oppressive government.

 To win our hearts Obama has given the store away and the next millennium’s inventory as well; to win our minds he has mastered the art of deception and prevarication and coerced or romanced the media to swear to what he testifies. We have it backwards and he aims to transform us…as in disarm us and control our every thought and action while he picks our pockets clean and funds his private militia…for guns… It seems his job is to soften us up so that the next guy that comes along can administer the coup de gras; that is on the outside chance he can’t hang around ad infinitum. He wants a blank check to borrow and a blank check to spend and a blank check to tax. In his words that will set a platform for future prosperity. Of course he means his prosperity with a little left over for his friends. He’s counting on our ignorance, and so far he is right.

 Change the dialogue. We are entitled to know why this government, or any government for that matter, is intent on taking our guns. Until we have that discussion and the answer suits us, do not let false guilt weaken our resolve.

We need our guns so that we may never have to use them.

Free men pray. Free men are willing to die for what they believe. Free men do not give the advantage away without a fight.

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