Not now. We’re mourning

I think; therefore I am.
Obama will not let any grass grow under his feet to further his agenda by taking full advantage of a crisis; human tragedy will do more to further the gunophobes than all the dumb arguments and devious plans they have tried for years. That means that common sense will not prevail, logic will not enter into the picture and the obvious will be denied and obscured in favor of meaningless, unconstitutional legislation about to come our way wrapped in feigned compassion.
The unbelievable fact that weak-kneed, so-called conservatives will bend just enough to give the gleeful anti-gun proponents moral justification to amputate on a perfectly sound principal; the Second Amendment will suffer yet another chop and the forefathers, who knew full well the importance of keeping government at bay will suffer another indignity.
No doubt there will be urgency required to put legislation on a fast track before the immediacy is tempered by cooler heads. This is the time to get as many weapons out of the hands of rash, gun toting, church going, radical conservatives as possible before the rational conservatives come to their senses and read the Constitution.
I hate to pick on O’Reilly again but he and Heraldo preface their condemnation of certain weapons and their consent to put a policeman in every school with a reaffirmation of their Conservative values. My ass. O’Reilly believes that if we ever need to take up arms against an oppressive government automatic weapons are no match for tanks and bazookas. A-hole. Make that two A-holes. Are our memories so short that we don’t recall citizens going up against tanks with sticks and stones? Do you still believe that sticks and stones break bones?
I have lived from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Barak H. Obama and I don’t recall any president before Barak asking for and getting a private militia. I don’t recall any administration training a private militia and graduating a class; in this case FEMA is the Federal university that is training these kids. I don’t know when in the history of this country we ever had more reasons to fear the Federal government or a Federal government that feared the people more than this Obama subversive, transforming administration. Leave my guns alone O’Reilly…If it comes down to a confrontation it won’t be fair and it won’t be balanced but this is not a third world country yet and I don’t intend to face an Army tank with an olive branch. Heraldo, you’ve been in more war zones than Ernie Pyle but you have a tendency to side with the underdog except on the issue of guns. We won’t talk about your liberal, attorney trained considerations but in the case of the United States vs The People…the people are the underdog and if properly armed, Constitutionally, my money is on the people.
There are too many weak-kneed conservatives who have become a tad smarter than the rest of us, John McCain leading the band, who have the ability to see both sides of an issue. Good for you. This dumb ass will cling to any gun I can lift with both hands as long as I have a copy of the Constitution of the United States in my back pocket to remind me that where the Bill of Rights is concerned there is only one side to these issues…the people’s side.
“Give me liberty or give me death” is a phrase that will be repeated in this republic as long as we have the breath to state our preferences.
I’ve been called worse things than Conservative but I’m beginning to feel that there are too many Americans who have the life style down pat but not the core values. I may be forced to leave the conservative flock for a title far more simple and less populated…patriot; please call me patriot for I feel that I have earned the title since I now see that not all conservatives meet my high standards to qualify as patriots. If you don’t trust your fellow Americans with the modern weapons we have to offer and you think that the answer to school safety is assigning uniformed armed guards for our children to have a memorable legacy of their childhood, you’re parental instincts are slipping. Why do you fear that arming teachers who want to carry and can qualify is less effective than starting a new bureaucracy? Putting armed veterans in schools is not a bad idea but wouldn’t you rather train them to teach something to the kids as long as they are going to be hanging around in the halls?
Liberal poppycock for brains is not going solve the issues facing America. Get a grip, dig deep for your core values and restore our Judea Christian heritage so that future generations can think with equipment that our forefathers expected us to have. Then we have a shot at dealing with all the issues not just the plat du jour.
Your patriot and ours,

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