Least will and testicles

I ain’t interested in the final “deal” Obama and Boehner agree on. I can tell you with no equanimity that it ain’t gonna do us no good. It’s like Sleepy and Dopey negotiating a date for Cinderella and she’ll be the last to know…like Cinderella I can tell you even before negotiations begin that the decision ain’t for me…Compromise in politics is another way of saying we’re getting screwed, they will have the cigarette, and the kiss is only to kiss our arses goodbye. They can have the cigarette too; I ain’t that dumb.

The study of human psychology can delve the human mind in depth for decades on end and still only come up with theories. But don’t bother to seek answers for political psychosis; the clever little bastards exempted themselves from human emotion and psychological evaluation along with every other onerous law they pass for our own good. I wish for the sake of simplification we could determine that they (politicians) are all crazy but evidence to the contrary complicates our diagnosis by a factor of ten thousand. We’re the crazy ones and the evidence is overwhelming and indisputable. Not even Lucy can get over our inability to suspect the repeat of false hope on a level of naiveté that makes Snoopy look like a Heisman Trophy candidate.

Before entering a rare closed door conference, thinking the mike was off again, Obama was heard to whisper to Axelrod, “order a round of beers I’ll be right out.” Boehner, on the other hand, held a press conference to announce to all who would listen, “I think I got him now, he looks serious.”

With all that is going on in the country, one tragedy eclipsing another and Obama dancing on stage for maximum political mileage each time, the “fiscal cliff” fiasco seems trivial by comparison. What would normally be headlines from Benghazi to Pakistan to Afghanistan to Egypt to Syria to Israel to a minor case of Hilary’s lockjaw concussion are barely mentionables in light of the real life tragic loss of life in Connecticut and the tragic loss of dignity America is suffering as we demonstrate to the world that the bigger they are the harder they fall.

The cure for this headache is amputation. To avoid beheading the patient we could behead the doctors but we haven’t the will. We prefer to discuss the flaws in our Constitution with our enemies. China recommends we enact strict gun laws; the United Nations is willing to enter into a small arms treaty that would give them oversight ignoring our sovereignty; we are waiting for Putin to call in his IOU now that the election is over; Mexico is holding an ex Marine hostage on trumped up charges and our State Department sides with Mexico and the Commander in Sheik complains that he’ll never get good at spending our money if we don’t let him practice. The Voice is just another reality show on TV; the people have lost theirs.

We the people are satisfied, it seems, to have ringside seats to watch the total transformation of America with dispassionate detachment. We sit immobilized as Israel is betrayed and cornered, the Middle East is democratically controlled by Muslim Brotherhood card sharks and Obama fiddles as Europe burns. We paid dearly for the best seats in the house only to find that there is a dearer price to pay for not participating.

Half the country is still on our knees praying for the victims and families in Newtown. I humbly suggest we all stay kneeling to pray for the courage to take back America. Pray that the Americans who reject the idea come to their senses and that the restoration of a functioning Constitutional Republic includes the restoration of our Judea Christian heritage; as a matter of fact, I have that the wrong way around.



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