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I nearly choked when a har har was blocked in my larynx by an unexpected sob the other night. Bill O’Reilly was confused; post election polls contradict the election results…According to Bill this was baffling..(my word). Bill wanted to know how come people voted for Obama if they disagree with him on practically every issue of importance. I’m here to help.
Long Island may be part of New York but it isn’t Brooklyn. In Brooklyn when things don’t add up it’s because they don’t add up…period. I’m from Brooklyn, in case you were wondering. Bill is a “Longislander”.
Conversely, when things do add up in Brooklyn we don’t hesitate to connect the dots, even if the conclusion is that Barry was born in Africa, his birth certificates are phony or the election was a sham and a fraud; after all I’m the guy that claims Obama is the front man for a clever cabal. So far no one can tell me what one would do differently as a budding dictator that Barak hasn’t already done as Commander in Sheik.   
Bill may find it uncomfortable or unwise to say fraud out loud…or perhaps it’s a new word for his audience to look up and use in a sentence…The FCC may go from 7 no-no words to 8 but “fraud” can be a four letter word; not technically, but it depends on how it’s used…As far as it applies to recent elections, starting with the presidential election and in every key Congressional District, it can only be used in the four letter context. I’ve never heard Allen West resort to colorful language but his election stands out as an example of the lengths the cabal machine will go to get rid of effective opposition. I provided all the blue language required to express our outrage and you don’t have to be from Brooklyn to make a logical assumption; cheat in Florida and you are definitely cheating anywhere else it suits you, like on the national scene.
Try telling a kid from Brooklyn that technology that can screw up Iran’s nuclear related computers, pinpoint a sedan transporting a terrorist and track a package across 50 states, all from a remote location perhaps thousands of miles away, can’t flip an election, stuff ballot boxes and turn red states blue with the flick of a nerd. Try it and I may want to test the limits of free speech on your nose.
Bill hasn’t gotten around to asking Tanya how Barak’s tight-lipped, jutting chin, upward glance mimics Benito Mussolini’s imperial pose. I don’t need the professional analysis. The conglomeration of his words, his deeds, his past and present associations and the mundane information he keeps legally private suit the smug, arrogant facial expressions and expose his every insidious thought…As far as I’m concerned the emperor can keep his rags and his secrets…but not his agenda from the kid form Brooklyn.
“The Constitution is a charter of negative rights”… “I actually do believe in redistribution”…”These guys are volunteers and they knew what they were getting into” …”Tell Vladimir to be patient…after the election I will have more flexibility”…”America is not a Christian nation”… “We are not at war with Islam and as long as I am president we never will be”…and he recited in perfect Arabic the Muslim call to payer and I translate here;
“Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! I witness that there is no god but Allah I witness that there is no god but Allah I witness that Muhammad is his prophet? “
I will never run out of dots…not until Obama is exposed and deposed.
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