Don’t look now…

There is no reprieve from the fiscal calamity that has befallen us. Our Representatives continue to talk about the “fiscal cliff” and an irrelevant tax rate, when reality is that the “cliff” is in our rear view mirror, not around a bend in the river. Worse is yet to come, to be sure; but the die is cast already. If Obama gets his way it is likely that the consequences will be evident everywhere we look…If the Republicans get their way we will still be a crippled economy, limping along on one crutch and a borrowed oxygen mask. That’s because Republicans are not really the party of Conservative principles; at least they haven’t shown the courage to demand that conservative principles be implemented immediately, across the board, to counteract the devastating results of years of bad judgement and incremental socialist programs, accelerated by failed policies, predicated on a failed philosophy. The offer to compromise put forth by the Republicans is a teardrop in a vale of tears; Conservative-leaning perhaps, but hardly a return to conservative principles.
Maybe our “civilized” sessions in both houses of Congress would endorse real reforms if they adopted the melee-style debate forums of European and Asian governments. A bloody nose or two might free up the sinus blockages that give us the same pattern of pointless solutions, year after year, administration after administration. A good swift kick in the gonads might at least elicit an honest appraisal of our future prospects, if not future progeny.
The admonitions of the forefathers have gone unheeded and we have chosen the path of least potential consistently, generation after generation. We repeat our mistakes like robots left unattended, doomed to repetition. We reward politicians for staying too long doing nothing and accept unconstitutional decisions as mere blips in an otherwise strict adherence (not) to our fundamental values, not the tragic decline of our Republic that it is. We accept the erosion of our Constitutional Republic as an inevitable result of political evolution, accepting no blame for our own utter failure to exercise the power vested in us Constitutionally. We’ve allowed ourselves to take the Constitution for granted, only a document vaguely associated with the way we are governed, with a corresponding diminished religious fervor, unbecoming a nation so blessed. Rather than demand answers that are consistent with the dogmas and principles of our Judea Christian heritage and our founding documents, we await the answers handed down by bungling, self righteous, politically motivated politicians.
The most egregious error was to allow our representatives to turn over control of our currency to a private company. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and others were adamant about the dangers of that route. Today we have  a “Federal” Reserve keeping interest rates artificially low and printing money madly, garnering more power to themselves, and effectively confiscating wealth. We listen attentively as their unelected honcho tells us they will continue to keep interest rates low at least until unemployment rates go down to 6.5 %; I didn’t know that job came with a crystal ball. Did he mean a true 6.5% or is that 6.5% by the machinations of government calculations? Ersatz math from an ersatz government relying on an ersatz Bernanke.
There are countless adages handed through the ages right up to modern times that cleverly tell us what happens when government gives “free stuff” to people who lost the will or reason to work, about governments running out of other people’s money. Perhaps we should stop speaking to each other in unintelligible parables or clever sayings and begin to tell it like it is. Disaster is spelled l-i-b-e-r-a-l.
Wise men tell us you can’t print your way out of a recession and you can’t spend your way out of debt…then wise guys do both to excess. Still we don’t hang a VP who tells us the exact opposite. We don’t denounce a president who does the exact opposite. Then we watch the news and hope for a silver lining and sometimes they oblige us; but they’re lying of course. Did a wise man ever tell you that you can spend and print your way into a depression?
We ignored the advice and now we are looking for a reprieve when the only remorse we have is that we can’t fix the problem ourselves and the leaders we have not only can’t fix anything but refuse to tell us they can’t. We don’t seem to notice they never have. Not ever. In the case of the White House there is no intention to fix anything. The way out for us is in the Constitution and in Judea Christian principles but it seems we have strayed far from those once revered resources. Unwilling to resort to confession and contrition we expect clear sailing because we switched ideologies and when the current liar fails we let him roll the dice again; and we back his bets as if we don’t know or care that he’s betting with our lives and our money and he has no experience…only ideology to guide him. Is it no wonder then, the results he’s getting befit the threats of enemies gone by and an avowed enemy in our midst, yet we refuse to make the connection. Our Arabic speaking, Islam praising, America bashing, Muslim assisting president with more mystery in his background than an Ellery Queen novel with the last chapter missing, has elevated the Muslim Brotherhood to positions of influence and power they salivated for but never could realize without a friend in a very high place. We chew our nails to the elbows hoping we don’t go over some imaginary cliff, when every man, woman and child in America has just been handed a bill for $50,000 each. The bill awaiting us will make that look like saw dust infused chicken feed and we fight over union rights instead of people’s rights.
Once again I implore my fellow Americans to take heed. We are pursuing a course known exclusively for failure, from the dawn of time to the advent of Greek entitlement comeuppance. We who have experienced the boundless success of free markets and are still living off its past bounty, are anxiously anticipating a new kind of success from legendary failure. To prove beyond the shadow of doubt that our tried and true system that saved Europe twice and provided an American inspired lifestyle to millions worldwide is foolproof, two communist nations that were quickly running out of taxable resources, opened their doors to Capitalism, albeit state controlled Capitalism, and are thriving beyond their wildest imaginations as we speak; Russia and China, especially the latter. But what the hey! Let’s give Obama a little more time; after all he just inherited the worst economy in 100 years from…himself.
Seriously; ask yourself this. If Obama inherited the worst economy in 100 years from George Bush and all of the economic indicators are worse now than four years ago…which way are we headed?
A return to Judea Christian inspired conservative principles is the only life raft we have. Tried and proven, we are the only nation that knows how to engage free markets, entrepreneurship and Capitalism and despite liberal, Socialist-minded critics, it will work every time…just as the path we are on has failed every time.
Call for Obama’s removal for cause. We have many. Remove his guns, not mine. A functioning Constitutional Republic, founded with the invocation of the Lord’s blessing, can thrive once more…if we are not too proud to ask for that blessing once more.  
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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