Socialism: The ultimate parasitic philosophy

The union ship has sailed.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. Socialism cannot stand alone. It requires some form of productivity to attach itself to for sustenance. It is a parasite that thrives on man’s sympathy and preys on good intentions and survives on the work ethic of the productive gene. Socialists like to define our society as having two parts; the haves and the have-nots. With that distinction made socialists can rely on the natural charitable tendencies of the haves to donate to the “less fortunate”. The trick is to institutionalize the process so that the “haves” become obligated to provide for the have nots and government can then decide who the have nots are and how much the haves must contribute in “fairness”. To insure complete control over the generation of wealth Government will regulate every aspect of productivity, making it increasingly difficult for the productive class to maximize their potential, unwittingly charting the course for their own demise.

In actuality men are defined in this manner only after their true differences have manifested; after the toil and work ethic of one group has produced something of value. Only then is the definition of haves and have-nots brought to bear….men who value self determination and men who determine that they are entitled to some of the spoils of labor simply for keeping count of the other’s wealth; but call them the haves and have-nots or socialist dictators will lose their leverage.

One can readily see that to categorize men as productive and nonproductive would make the non productive members of society less valuable and therefore victims of discrimination. The term have-nots is far less accusatory and blameless; they simply are less fortunate and therefore deserving of a fair piece of the pie…no matter whose pie it is…or was.

Obama himself has decreed that the “right to work is the right to work for less”. People accustomed to making demands on others see right to work laws as a threat to their ability to demand a maximum piece of a pie, even as the pie shrinks due to their greed. If Conservatives remain true to their core values they would not shrink from a challenge to their philosophy. Of course the right to work for less is the right to negotiate one’s own fair value in the market place. It is the essence of the free market. The opposite of that right is achieved by imposing minimum wage laws. Minimum wage is just another parasite that stunts entrepreneurship and creativity, the driving force of capitalism. It robs the entrepreneur of risk capital preventing him from trying new ideas and the ability to test the acceptance of new products.

The free market is a major part of Judea Christian philosophy; the basic tenet around which civilized men can strive to attain their highest potential. It is the fountain from which flows productivity, achievement and creativity. Man is the highest form of life on earth and to achieve his highest potential he must be encouraged and rewarded. When dependency is forced on men and instilled in their minds, mediocrity becomes the standard to which they will perform. When success is punished the desire to achieve greatness is tamped. Eventually the milk of kindness runs dry or falls short of the expectations of dependents and Socialism, with no host to suckle, fails.

Socialism without Capitalism is a flea with no dog. Socialism preying on Capitalism is the advent of fleas becoming so great in number and so demanding of the host, that the dog dies.

Before you go out en mass, demanding that the unions negotiate for free men, ask yourself how you will survive when the union wins salaries and benefits so great that the industry they depend on goes the way of the Dodo bird. Will the American labor force take a page from our European cousins and riot in the streets for a piece of a pie that was consumed long ago? Will you sauté your contract with slim pickings and dine on short shrift? Socialism needs some form of productivity to attach itself to for sustenance.

The cabal that cleverly installed itself at the head of our government has a fatal flaw. The fly in the ointment is that in order to make their plea for socialism palatable, they decided to discredit capitalism and kill entrepreneurship in America. This tactic attracted many unthinking, dependency-prone Americans to their side but also provides the script for their own obituary. America must now decide if we are to become the dog with too many fleas or the dog protected with a flea collar; healthy, wealthy and wise.




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