Let’s get serious; deadly serious…or is that term a bit too provocative?


It seems that as new questions arise we lose our fervor to get straight answers to previously unanswered questions. To compound the felony when we demand an answer to a question that has been ignored or sloughed off we are belittled and berated for wasting time and bringing up old news.

Barak has a perfect score. He has not answered one single important question in four years. Come to think of it his long answers to unimportant questions are something we can certainly do without. Spare me.

The stickiest question in the mélange is the birth certificate debacle. Barak has gotten over on us to the point that he now mocks us saying “some people believe I was not born in Hawaii”….Mind you he doesn’t say he was or he wasn’t with that mocking observation. That’s right Barak, mock if you will; but both certificates were proven phony. You know it and experts have made unequivocal representations and conclusions to that effect.

What inexplicable, demonic control do you possess over the press and your sycophant followers that make them willing accomplices to keep your secrets and not accept the words of your family, including your grandmother, aunt, your wife and yes, Barak, even your very own statements to the contrary of the documents you have the audacity to produce for political purposes? Am I supposed to respect the office of the presidency or the occupant who lies with impunity on any given subject at hand?

Barak the candidate told us with a straight face that Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist who bombed the Pentagon, was just a guy in the neighborhood. Barak ignores evidence to the contrary, that his political career was launched in this criminal’s….this terrorist’s, dining room. Is that a crime? Yes my friends, it certainly is. It is a crime against the Republic to give comfort to her enemies. Mr. Ayers is now a frequent welcome guest at the White House.

Barak has a way of looking past a questioner with no sign of recognition if he chooses; an arrogant trait when he is not pleased with a legitimate question; so all of Obama’s questionable associations are off limits, lest we displease the Commander in Sheik. Mr. Obama are you the product of your past and present associations? Do you reject Mexican wisdom and not Mexican illegal aliens? “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” may be an ironic Mexican proverb we should heed when evaluating the current occupant in the White House.

His Royal Arrogance told us with a straight face that he sat in Rev. White’s black supremacy, anti-establishment Church for 15 years and never heard a word that was uttered. He found Christianity where Christian tolerance was mocked, patriotism where our country was shamed.

No one dares ask him how he came to speak Arabic fluently, went to school as a Muslim and entered his political career as a “Christian”. I do dare to ask.

No one cares to ask why a Christian who has not attended church services in four years presides over the Holiest day on the Muslim Calendar, the end of the Ramadan Fast, each year. I dare to ask.

Little shrift is paid to the Senate’s refusal to produce a budget and the Oval Office’s silent approval and political use of that decision. Why do we entertain negotiations with a body of government that has thrown in with the presidency and has forfeited it’s right to negotiate in good faith? Is it all just an infantile game of tag and we the people are always “it”?

No one challenges the Trojan Horse use of the Health Care Bill which gives unprecedented powers to the Commander in Sheik, including a private militia. I challenge the intent, the motive and the Constitutionality of the Bill, everything in it and the process to impose it on the citizens.

No one dares compare the Commander in Sheik to his contemporary, Mohamed Morsi, when in lieu of a serious budget proposal he seeks unlimited authority to borrow with no Congressional oversight. I make that comparison; one man’s thirst for power is not less odious than another’s. Why do we not take Morsi’s claim to a pact with Obama seriously in light of the facts on the ground? Egypt would not be in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood were it not Obama’s decision to make.

We await the details of culpability on Fast and Furious and the Benghazi betrayal of our Ambassador and 3 more heroic dead men walking and are greeted with stone-faced audacity to await the results of a sham investigation; the facts are clear to me and they were clear to the Ambassador.

There is the appearance if not the outright purge of top ranking Navy personnel and the discrediting of Special Forces never before encountered, especially in time of war. To what end? Will the Commander in Sheik report to the people he serves? And if there is indeed an ongoing investigation into the tragedy of Benghazi how come key commanding officers have been demoted or transferred quietly?

Is there historical precedent for giving a dead terrorist a dignified burial at sea in accordance with his Islamic laws? Is there a logical military advantage to turning Usama Ben Ladin into a martyr? What role did Valerie Jarret have in the pointless delay to take action against UBL?

What was the point of asking Putin to be patient until after the election? What is meant by more flexibility? Should we be concerned over Putin’s impatience?

These are all important, unanswered questions, each in its own right deserving of an honest response. The Country can likely survive if they are not answered and the country will survive if we “go over the fiscal cliff”. Bankruptcy is not fatal, poverty is not fatal, loss of dignity and sovereignty are not fatal.

Even “total transformation” the meaning of which is sadly lost on a majority of Americans, is not fatal; devastating, humiliating, undemocratic…but not fatal.

There are far more disconcerting questions that need to be asked and answered, that will spell disaster and the death of the Republic unless the answers are miraculously not what our hearts tell us the answers are.

Mr. Obama, FEMA just graduated it’s first militia. Since it is the first, one can safely assume that training is ongoing and more militiamen or boys will be graduated in the coming months, years or days. At whose pleasure do the graduates serve, what is their purpose and how does America benefit from the investment?

Mr. President: There are 800 detention camps in the United States, unoccupied but fully staffed, that were not there before you took office. Who are the intended occupants, what might be their offenses and does America benefit from this type of preparation?

Mr. Obama: There are 32 at last count, Muslim Training Camps in the United States. Are you aware of their existence and purpose. Will you order an investigation into these matters?

Of course you will; and we will never hear of these issues again as long as the investigation is ongoing, going on and a farce.

Mr. President how are the other investigations you or the Attorney General or the Secretary of State have initiated proceeding?

A country can survive bankruptcy but it will be very difficult to survive mass betrayal, arrests and Martial Law imposed for political purposes, suiting the sitting junta. Look to the Middle East, the birthplace of the ideology Obama has embraced. How many must die to complete the mission of the Muslim Brotherhood which Obama has championed? When will we conclude, as reasonable men and women, that when no answers are forthcoming as a matter of policy we have all the answers we need.

Demand that B.H. Obama aka Barry Soetero be removed for cause. We have many; they are embedded in the unanswered questions, the unasked questions and the questions that will certainly rise as we move forward on unsteady legs. Four years is an eternity to a Republic under siege.


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  • Freedom  On December 8, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    School Suxs: The American Way (Video)

    Don’t let the title fool you. This video is actually about how government-run schooling contributed to the rise of socialism, imperialism and eventually fascism in Germany between the 1890s and 1940s. Critical Thinking Question: In school we are led to believe that we are all living in an ideal vision of what society should be…But whose vision is it? And what were their ideals?

  • Robin  On December 8, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    He is, by far, the sneakingest, lying, damaging, next to Baby and Daddy Bush’ of course, worst president ever.

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