America is one big slumbering party

I never realized how many racists actually live and work in our midst, or that I am likely one of them. It took the denizens of the Democrat/Socialist party to dissuade me of any idea that America has equality for all who accept it. At least we used to. We should know better from the music of Sharpton, Jackson and Jackson and the teachings of Biden, Pelosi and Reid.

The more people the Dems identify (as a public service, I presume) as racists, the more I am beginning to realize I am in good company. Joe Biden made the charge far more palpable when he warned potential voters that “they want to put y’all back in chains”. Notice that Joe, who is not a racist because he identifies with black voters has affected that little Southern drawl…very effective…

Barak seems to be determined to separating the two races. Now I’m having trouble separating the two Rices…Susan has screwed up enough to get a promotion and Condoleesa is…a racist

So allow me to slumber and harken back in reverie to the good old days before A. Lincoln, when slavery was in vogue. If I close my eyes and allow my racist imagination to wander, I can imagine myself as a slave owner with some very special slaves; slaves I can be proud of! William Dawes, Frederick Douglas, George Washington Carver were just a few of the self sufficient, reliable successful men I count among my personal slaves as I transition smoothly from REM 1 to 2 and then to 3 and 4. They were great because I didn’t have to resort to corporal punishment to get a day’s work out of them! They were usually up before me, saving the country, inventing things, writing who knows what. The only unsettling thing was that they made me feel just a tad inferior; no self respecting slave owner wants to admit that his chattel are smarter than he is!

But by my third stage REM I always get a little restless when Barry Soetero needs disciplining. Of all my slaves he’s the only shiftless, lazy, deceitful, unreliable one on my plantation. Instead of giving me a day’s work for a day’s benevolence he’s always running off to play golf or hanging out behind the cotton gin with unsavory characters, smoking something, drinking my whiskey, giving my money to his friends, lying to anyone who will listen. How he became president is beyond me! When he does show up in the Oval Office he has the nerve to desecrate the Resolute desk with his shoes on and uses the Red Phone to make golf dates. He leaves me no choice. We will have to chain him to the sacred Resolute and give him a taste of the old Cat-o-nine tails if we are ever going to get a day’s work out of the ingrate. And his Arithmetic is killing us!

Dammit! Now I’ve gone and done it! Racist and politically incorrect ! When government shows up in REM 1, 2, 3 and 4 of our somnobulation (relax, I made it up) and is still here when we wake up, it’s time to take matters into our own hands!

Demand that Obama be removed for cause. We have many. Unchain the Kenyan and give him his Islamic walking papers…Unchain America.


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