The fear of a fiscal cliff is a cruel hoax and a ruse. Will we ever run out of spit and baling wire?

A fascist socialist regime would like us to believe that they are standing between us and economic despair when in fact America has long since gone beyond its means and all that remains to be seen is where the hurtling through space ends.

You cannot fix America’s financial problems if the root causes are not exposed fully and ended with finality. The spending these politicians are discussing represent less than the change of a $50 dollar bill that falls off the table and no one bothers to pick up. The Federal Reserve must be reined in and closed down…Dilution and interest rates on our money are far more problematic than a 2% tax hike can even smell. Government agencies like the S.E.C., EPA, FDA etc are mega problems that will spend their budgets to allow for additional growth. The S.E.C., for instance has office space and real estate holdings all over the U. S. and a monster building in Washington 1/6th the size of the Pentagon, the largest office building in the world; when they should be downsized drastically or even eliminated in favor a more efficient, unbiased way of overseeing our Securities and Banking industries. The same goes for over 100 top heavy government agencies that have exceeded their original purpose and play fast and loose with our money. In the vernacular of the streets one would say we are getting banged for our buck and no kiss to boot.

Who checks on FEMA? They are training militia instead of caring for victims of natural disasters.

A serious return to the states of government programs that the Constitution does not assign to the Fed would save billions and billions…Privatization of Social Security, health care and other programs would save many billions and improve the delivery and quality of services dramatically.

When we are ready to get serious about restoring this nation as a functioning, Constitutional Republic we will recognize the assaults on our moral and religious heritage and the Bill of Rights that are an indication of the nation being in the grips of a regime that seeks to control our economy, our liquidity and our thinking. The Constitution and Bill of Rights have become mere inconveniences slowing their agenda imperceptibly but not stopping it by any means. The steps needed to put our house in order are far more drastic than balancing a budget or curtailing a fraction of a fraction of our spending. Fiscal cliff my eye. The fiscal cliff is in our rear view mirror. We already went over an ideological cliff, a moral cliff and a Constitutional cliff and our elected officials are playing footsie with the devil denying their infatuation with failure.

Democracy in America? As far as I know only one man had the courage and presence of mind to expose voter fraud. His demand for fairness was partially met…not enough to change the desired result and sadly not enough to arouse the establishment to address the problem on a national scale. Congressman Allen West will not go quietly and perhaps his message will be less muted without the constraints of public office; not that he let that constrain him very much. We cannot however, continue to claim that democracy is working in America, when our finest representatives are separated from the herd and eliminated from office fraudulently.

Wise up America. The issues we are given to debate and ponder are not the issues that matter in the long run.

To avoid oppressive government, oppress government.


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