Understanding Our Situation


It is one thing to contradict the tenets of the Constitution, quite another to actively initiate and impose unconstitutional laws; yet still another to break down the fabric of society so that the Rights guaranteed by the Constitution are dissolved or diluted; mitigated if you will, surreptitiously and cleverly.

There have always been in America, differing opinions on how society is best governed. All opinions are valid to some extent but the doctrine of the Constitution is based on God’s laws and opinions or constitutions that dispute or deny God’s laws fade by comparison. The precepts of our Constitution and Bill of Rights were hard fought and contested tooth and nail and not every item the forefathers had in mind were ultimately included in the final document; there were concessions that left the founders in a quandary about our ability to survive indefinitely as a Republic. And rather than give in to the will of those who had little faith in the concept of self governance they prayed that the people who came after them would have such respect for a Democratic Constitutional Republic that they would want to guard against its inherent pitfalls dutifully and diligently.

But that blueprint for liberty and a productive, God fearing society in which men of good will, being endowed with self determination, could shed the shackles of oppressive government and be self governed, has served us well as a nation for two Centuries and some, despite our neglect to participate as required. As a nation and as a people we have advanced the well being of nations and enhanced the wealth of men on seven continents. We have been blessed and we have generously shared our love of democracy and freedom and the bounty it produced and unselfishly spent our lives and shed our blood to discourage and defeat oppression on distant shores, when called upon.

We have shown the world that men who are rewarded for success and not punished for failure excel and exceed the expectations of their fellow man. We have been the envy of nations almost from the moment King George III received notice of our defection in 1776.

So what went wrong? Why did the world not seize upon this ancient formula for success and replicate the blueprint wherever men sought to live in harmony and liberty? In truth people of all nations readily saw the benefits of free markets and self determination and flocked to our shores in waves of human migration when their countries failed to keep the promises made to insure their loyalty and devotion. When Czars, dictators, emperors and kings ran out of other people’s money the most self confident, productive and adventurous in those societies sought greener pastures and freedom from religious oppression, taxation and confiscation and came to the land of opportunity. The cream of humanity settled in America; the titans and the laborers, the creative and the industrious, leaving the lands of their fathers to aging, dependency-consensual, minimally productive populations. Those who could not escape or were content with their lot learned to emulate their American cousins, adopting fads, jazz, blue jeans and cowboy movies but not the American entrepreneurial spirit that created those icons; you can’t replicate those where dictators reign.

Socialism, Fascism and Communism have prevailed where the willingness to die for freedom did not consume the people as it did in America. With all of Europe easily contained ambitious minds saw as the only deterrent to world domination a nation that persisted on Judea Christian principles of self determination and self government. In order to realize their visions of grandeur, ideological ambitions and world dominance, Capitalism had to be discredited, entrepreneurship derailed and belief in a Higher Power suspended. Direct confrontation failed miserably until it occurred to these masterminds that our weakness was in our willingness to extend our freedoms to all; even those who disagreed with us philosophically. And so the concept of incremental intrusion was born and multiple autocratic disciplines saw the potential to destroy America from within and install their political, socio-economic ideas in place of conservative principles. The total transformation of America began many years ago by more than one enemy and was merely verbalized in this generation by the arrogant man a cabal selected to become president of the country they sought to defeat; we can’t say he didn’t tell us.

One such organization is the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928 to take control of our society by Jihad; the forceful conversion to Islam of all non-Islamists, not only in America, but in their sick, contorted minds, world wide. Another appears to be a consortium of international bankers and wealthy individuals whose immense wealth leaves only the ambition to control as many world economies as their philosophy can reach. At some point these two have joined forces and are using each other as a means to an end. Ultimately, if they attain a greater level of success, they will consume each other cannibalistically; neither has the tolerance or inclination to share power.

There are other great flaws in their strategy, not the least of which is that their total absorption in their autocratic model prevents them from fully understanding the genius of our Constitution. They have gained control of strategic elements of our government, media and institutions but they underestimate the validity of the basic provision that rests the true power of governance with the States. Controlling the White House is indeed invasive and disruptive but they are now left with the near impossible task of herding cats…the states must agree with decisions at the Federal level that affect their citizens and impact their sovereignty. Presidential edicts and political gamesmanship will and have created havoc in our financial and economic systems and even in our military prowess; but ultimately the states have powers which when they awake and realize what has befallen our great nation will open the parachute the nation relies on to hold us together as a functioning Constitutional Republic and effect a softened landing.

It will then be up to us, the American people, humbled and degraded by a near fatal defeat of epic proportions, to pull together and restore the values and principles that are incorporated in our founding documents. This cannot be achieved without a return to our Judea Christian faiths with complete restoration of our confidence in God’s hand in our destiny.

God blessed America. Do not underestimate His stake in our future.

To avoid oppressive government, oppress government.


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