Secession vs Nullification

Folks, we have options

I believe in secession as a last resort but only if it is an organized decision of a group of states that would adopt the Constitution and create a unified military and new currency backed by hard assets but including oil reserves. When the Constitution is adopted by the seceding states it should have an Amendment which prohibits any attempt to transform the new states or introduce any form of government that does not adhere to the concept of free markets in a capitalist economy.

The states should claim ownership of all military bases and assets in their borders and recall their National Guard Units on active duty to prepare for war if the states remaining or the government in Washington take military action.

Before these drastic steps the states should unify and utilize the Nullification Clause to free themselves of any obligation to accept or enforce laws they deem to be Unconstitutional to try to avoid secession.

If Nullification has the desired effect of retutning authority to the states the governors should immediately put in place new voting procedures which include strict qualifications and identification, including fingerprinting. Voters must take literacy tests and pass a course on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, etc. before getting cleared to vote. All qualified voters must register and vote and voter fraud must be punished with mandatory prison and the loss of voting privileges thereafter. Illegals aliens who attempt to vote must be deported immediately.

Of course any plans of this nature, whether mine, yours or the governors of states requires that Americans open their eyes to the reality in our midst. While Obama plays at being president for public consumption he surrounds himself with loyal like minded traitors and implements changes and his agenda behind the scenes constantly.

Prayer gives us hope and consoles us.

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