Hey, how ya doing, ya OK?

Folks, believe it or not.

To my fellow Conservative Americans who are slightly or more discouraged and to the Liberal unconvinced flock who see this America with rose colored glasses, my Conservative post election analysis.

We allow the left to control the dialogue…Obama gives us a straw man…to take the attention away from the real principles involved in Benghazi, (Hilary and he himself) and we, the Charlie Browns of conservative principles, dutifully spend the next three months trying to figure out what Rice knew when, even after we’ve been told that she don’t know diddly dick because it ain’t her bidnets to know.

We learn that electronic voting machines ignore the voters’ choices and flip to Obama. We learn that more votes are cast than voters who registered. The Attorney General sues states that try to implement the most basic voter i.d. idea and every democrat on the stump gets in our faces telling us voter i.d. is racist, prejudicial and unconscionable. Then we wonder how the “people” could make such bad choices.

“The people” is us and we is stupid; that’s why the country is in the hands of criminal despots!

The left demands specific plans from Republicans to fix the economy but refuse to produce one themselves and refuse to lawfully produce a budget. They tell the country what is not acceptable in a plan and demand it include a tax hike that would have zero effect on the problem we should be solving…spending….So what do we talk about incessantly? Taxes for the rich. It’s like talking about a glass of water for a fish living under Niagara Falls instead of plugging the leak in the dyke just up the road.

“The people” is us and we is stupid. That’s why the country is in the hands of criminal despots!!

Three million Republicans stayed home to protest the candidate of choice and gave the election to the candidate from Hell. Do we talk about that? No. We talk about how single women between the ages of 18 and 36 prefer Obama’s shoes under their bed to Mitt Romney’s and want free contraception in case one of them shows up. We blame the 90% of blacks who voted for Obama and will vote democrat until the cows come home anyway. We don’t question the incredible. We are simply in awe that Obama managed to get the exact number of votes needed in the exact states and districts required for election just because he also got the traditional vote that was his anyway.

“The people is us and we is stupid. That’s why the country is in the hands of criminal despots!!!

This cabal quietly changes the name of Social Security to Government Entitlement and Republicans insist that entitlement reform be part of the strategy to save our undeserving asses. When Obama is ready to address entitlements guess where he’s going? Guess who will be shocked and outraged when that happens? None other than the genius
genus-Neanderthal, lifetime politicians we repeatedly reelect for bad behavior.

“The people is us and we is stupid!!!! That’s why the country is in the hands of criminal despots!!!!!”

I’m sorry patriotic, poetic Americans are losing sleep over the reelection of a force for transformation of the kind our forefathers repeatedly warned us about; but why have they been sleeping for the last 100 years, while the forces of evil set the stage for the coup they pulled off democratically?

One man recognized the rampant fraud and had the courage to expose and challenge the skewed results. He did that for all of us and most of the electorate watched him fight a lonely war and did nothing to
express outrage and resentment, when Allen West came within 5/8ths of a % point of overturning an unjust election. Not one talking head or media coward had the courage to point out that thousands of votes had to be uncounted, miscounted or double counted to produce the original crooked result and the final result still used flawed data to crown the loser a winner! We deserve what we get, but don’t think for one minute that we are not fully responsible for the mess we find ourselves in from top to bottom and averting our eyes does nothing to change the facts.

We were blessed with the privilege of living in a country where the government is empowered and at the same time limited by the people. It is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Why did we fail to tell our children the true meaning of self determination and the blessing of a Constitutional Republic? And why did we and why do we still allow our children to be educated and indoctrinated by people who reject all that we stand for and instill in them the ideas of failed principles? Why are we shocked when our little angels go off to college to prepare for life in a capitalist society and come home spouting Communist philosophy, less prepared to compete than when they left?

Why do we now smother the torch of enlightenment and curse the darkness? The solution to our problems is clearly and precisely presented in The American Constitution, yet we allow a man to rise to the presidency who tells us the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are “problematic” and he intended to work around that? Why do we tolerate a man in office who acts and speaks in a manner contrary to our heritage and American ethical principles? If it because we trust that in the end America will survive and all will be well that ends well, we are carrying American optimism past the breaking point. It will only end well if we restore our faith in the principles that made us the great nation we became; to begin with, restore our Faith in a Higher Power. We are a faith-based nation with a population that is losing faith. We assuage a small minority who feign offense at our religious convictions. We tolerate a president who tells us that we are not at all what we were taught and what is evident in plain view in our architecture, art, literature and founding documents…a nation founded on and reliant upon our Judea Christian heritage. We stand idly by as the Muslim Brotherhood works tirelessly to impose their presence in our laws, our society and our consciousness and the Commander in Sheik denies their impact and supports their initiatives at home and in the Middle East; and we the people are in denial.

Those of us who understand the enemy and recognize his tactics and goals are accused of political motivation for sounding the alarm; when that doesn’t work we are accused of bigotry, racism and war mongering. We are politically incorrect if we use the terms that precisely describe the enemy…or tell you that the Muslim Brotherhood is sworn to our defeat. We are telling you that there is fire in the hold and it is time to extinguish it or be consumed by it; our motivation is perhaps too mundane for our brethren…love of country, God and our fellow man.

Look no further for the leader…it is each and every one of us. Look no further for the solution; it is in the instructions that came with the country we inherited. Look no further for the name and face of the enemy…it is the Muslim Brotherhood personified in the professors, politicians, terrorists and media that shape our opinions and outlook and tell us that America must redeem itself to succeed. The truth is far less complicated; America must answer the call to recognize and smite our enemies with the same dedication and singleness of purpose that saw us through declared wars; this is a war of wills; the enemy is intent on a transformation of such a magnitude that while they are undermining our entire society most Americans remain in denial, unable to comprehend the motives of evil men to conceive the goals attributed to them. On the other side those who recognize the cabal underfoot and the threat to our Constitutional Republic and religious convictions are viewed with skepticism and accused of, for lack of a precise analogy, seeing the sky falling.

If we are correct and the election was a sham, it is time for America to put politics aside and come to the aide of the country as Americans. We are no longer governed by democratic process. Above I have laid the blame; below I sign with optimism. In the war of wills the Constitution gives us the will to win.


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