Rice pealoff; a Middle East dish

Folks, meet the next Secretary of Mulligan


Check the strings, rehearse the puppeteer and believe in the puppet.


It took Susan Rice 10 weeks to respond to her critics vis-a-vis Benghazi, which she had nothing to do with. Correction; it took Obama’s advisers 10 weeks to formulate a spin and put words in her mouth yet again.


There’s no doubt that Rice was a loyal subject from the day of Obama’s ascendancy, but with the prospect of a cabinet post dangling in front of her ambitious unpowdered nose that loyalty could be metastasized with a God awful sucking sound. To be certain the lies were consistent with the crime all Obama needed was to have her puppet strings checked, a pat on the poo poo and the carrot moistened, so she could face her fellow Americans, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and a few other nameless, faceless “critics” with confidence and arrogance.


Can we please, as a nation, stop coddling these bootlick-coddlers? Will John McCain go away peacefully if we build a statue for him and promise to keep the pigeons off it for the next 100 years? If we make it two hundred years will he take Lindsey Graham with him? The art of compromise isn’t much of an art if Republican “representatives” make the hallmark of their careers the willingness…no the eagerness to compromise. We reject the Allen Wests of this nation who would firmly point out the error of the opposition’s ways and suggest with authority that compromise is a two way street, and the art of the thing is to get something in return for giving something. McCain and Graham reach across the aisle with aplomb and then run for the nearest TV camera to take a bow; mission accomplished, log jam cleared…for the Dems.


These two stalwarts of the political scene were out front early, rightfully challenging Rice’s inane, Obama-serving, career engendering statements. A key criticism of her appearances is that she had no business appearing. Obama augmented that observation by admitting she was there at the White House’s behest and had no first hand involvement in the issue. He then threw up a lob ball and invited the Senators to go after the master himself. Even a retarded member of the genus homo Neanderthal would have joyfully mumbled, “game over. Score one for the Gipper.”


But the great compromisers, in their all knowing, all seeing, post-prandial somnolence, gave up home court advantage, whole-saled Mulligans, called in the outfield and pitched to the middle of the batting order; while the jackals feasted on Republican stew. Meet the next Secretary of State.


Translation: Rice was justifiably marginalized after her Sunday five-appearance liar’s festival. It is a tactical and political error to revive her credibility. The Commander in Sheik doesn’t need the benefit of the Mulligan. The Republicans are throwing the game anyway.



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