Unattended, a Republic Becomes a Haven for Socialism

Dear Reader,

Most people believe the election was all about whether or not Obama will have a second term.

But it was not.

What was actually at stake was whether or not he will have a third-term.

There’s a secret to understanding how we know Obama will seek a third term. There’s a secret to how he’ll garner the power to win, yet again… and keep power through 2020 – or even beyond.

These things will change the political climate here and abroad. These new forces will increase the wealth of the United States and improve our standing in the world economy. But… in the process… they will also empower the president of the United States… perhaps enabling him to implement the most terrifying socialist policies in the history of our country.

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Porter Stansberry
Founder, Stansberry Research
The above statement was forwarded to me by Dr. William DeMarchi and my response follows:


Everything in Obama’s modus operandi and obvious but vigorously denied belief system indicate he would stay on if he can get away with it. A 3rd term election is his best option because it keeps his ideological public from seeing his loyalties, objectives and agenda in reality. Do not underestimate his willingness to stay on by decree.
Those who believe that self determination, Judea Christian values and free markets prevent them from realizing their world vision have spent 50-100 years and more softening our underbelly by weakening our infrastructure and undermining our moral compass, discrediting capitalism and demeaning our heritage. These anti Constitution ideologues now control the dialogue and the distribution of information and wealth almost from cradle to grave…Conservatives now naively expect they can turn public opinion and dismantle the socialist/fascist machine by logic, patriotic rhetoric and stressing conservative values, in a campaign for the presidency or a philosophical argument over fiscal responsibility, are late to the ball and woefully unprepared for what lies ahead.

Schmelling defeated Joe Louis in their first bout because The Brown Bomber didn’t train and grossly underestimated his opponent. If Conservatism is going to dominate our domestic and political scene in the future drastic steps need to be taken immediately to counteract the years of indoctrination, incremental political achievement and unified democrat front against opposing ideas no matter how good or bad. These drastic measures cannot be formulated, much less implemented, unless the American public comes to terms with the facts on the ground. We have been invaded. We must acknowledge Obama’s consistent support for our enemies no matter how subtle and somehow America must identify the forces and tactics that have undermined our unity, our economy and our military prominence. Ask 10 Americans who our true enemy is and you will get at least 20 answers, ranging from we have no insidious threatening enemy to a un-useful parlor-psychiatry response of we are our own worst enemy. When two out of ten are convinced that the Muslim Brotherhood is the influence and tool of the many faces of totalitarianism we may begin the process of restoring the democratic, Constitutional Republic. The road back will then be paved and smooth for a mile but look for 1,000 miles of potholes, detours and treacherous curves; a perilous journey of fifty years for the stout hearted patriots of future generations.
To our recurring detriment, in times of stress Republicans are always willing to sacrifice their convictions, because down deep they don’t all have unwavering faith and belief in our Constitution and Conservative formulas; instead they are dedicated politicians in fear of losing their constituencies. Because we have failed to pass term limits and continue to raise our idolization of career politicians the longer they feed at the public trough, we suffer the decisions of incompetents based on their determination of reelection prospects. It is a rare public servant indeed who chooses to die standing rather than live in servitude.
When Conservatives are willing to indoctrinate the young without fear of recrimination, reject liberalism in politics without fear, hold to conservative values without exception and defend conservative solutions in the face of liberal demands, then the young they preach to will have examples to live by and the torch of freedom will be passed from generation to generation.

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