America Built Our Enemies Up After the War; Obama Does it Before

Folks, between the lines is where it all really happens.

Mohamed Morsi evidently took the canonization from Obama/Clinton to heart. He rode his pedestal back to Cairo and declared himself Supreme Sharia Commander. The people responded. “Say what? We voted, but we didn’t mean it!” So far his response is mumbling under has breath, “Idiots don’t understand democracy. You vote I take charge. Is there something you didn’t get about that?” Morsi is not one to waste time. Give him an inch he’ll take the rest for granted. Chutzpah is what he’s got plenty of, but so do his benefactor and benefactoress…

Barak gave Morsi Egypt…One Muslim Brotherhoodist to another, that ain’t bad for a couple of guys that hate Christmas…So on the eve of his first trip to the United States as the new Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi said the United States needed to fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world, showing greater respect for its values and helping build a Palestinian state, if it hoped to overcome decades of pent-up anger. Wait just a doggone minute! That’s what obama said when he made his power grab for American terra firma hitting the high spots in Saudi et-al, head and shoulders below his waistline!! But Barry didn’t mention building the Palestinian state; after all there’s just so much a guy can do for Iran while Ahmadinajad is running his mouth, but he certainly gives at the (Oval) office to help the Palestinians and to knee Israel in the package twice a day.

Copycatting is the highest form of flattery…but what else do these two maggots have in common? I’m guessing the election thing has more commonality than we care to admit….you rig it your way, I’ll rig it mine; but in the end you get what you deserve, and I get the say so.

According to the text book for fascists both Morsi and Obama covered all the bases. Morsi told his subjects, “When I speak it means I have spoken”. Wait just a doggone minute! Check the Health Care Bill! Check out my Corporate give aways, my gifts to the little people! My Union giveaways my International Terrorist contributions! Nobody outdoes me! I’m giving big bucks to both these cats…Israel’s still got their clammy hand out and Morsi dignifies my largess by never having to say thank you! I’m an equal opportunity giver of magnanimous proportions and nobody can stop me! That’s Chicago style!”

Morsi’s now trying to figure out how to shut the betrayees the heck up and he may be forced to turn to the Magical Witch From the West; she knows how to broker a deal better than anyone, once others decide what to do…Maybe she can give the rabble Iranian citizenship…or a vote in the UN…or a bottle of blood soaked Gaza sand…she’ll think of something while she’s shopping for a classy new burkha to match her old pants.

Hilary no doubt, is a great admirer of people who riot for liberty…as long as they ain’t got no guns…That’s the trouble with Israel…they cling to their guns and their religion…Barak sure knows how to turn a phrase.

Stay tuned.

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