Folks, the truth will set you free…yeah sure.

Hilary Clinton: Secretary of State extraordinaire.
It’s time to examine the record and separate the wheat from the chafe. (Not chaff…chafe; as in she rubs me the wrong chafe).
We’ve all heard what a great Sec’y of State Hilary has been, far exceeding expectations…she’s always exceeding expectations…That’s because we don’t expect much from a saxophone player’s wife.
She is also a great author…her book was an instant NY Times best seller. (The Nat’l Democrat Committee bought the inventory to avoid facing the embarrassing truth)…the book laid an egg.
With a little help from her friends we may soon have a United Nations Small Arms Treaty. Obama will give her all the kudos in the treasury if she delivers our guns to him. She’s really a great patriot and defender of the Constitution…oaths of office notwithstanding.
Do we believe a Navy Seal or Barak Obama?….Do we believe an American General or Barak? We can believe Simpson Bowles or Barak…Are you crazy? Barak the Commander in Sheik of the International Liars Club? The prevaricator in charge? The Quron’s most dedicated misinformer? The winner of the coveted Forked Tongue Awards for 50 straight years? When he says “Let me make this perfectly clear” practitioners of obfuscation swallow their tongues whole and listen in awe…’Splain me this. Barak, the least experienced, least qualified person to ever sit in the oval Office is at odds with every expert in America on every subject from the economy to national security…and the media backs Barak. Only a dictator can control the news with that much totality.
Back to Hilary…she has a pretty good grip on her false image as well. Coming soon: Israel and Hamas have been playing chicken for keeps for weeks and are now considering a truce. That’s her cue; Hilary to the rescue. As soon as she heard a deal is imminent she fired up Air Force One and a half and headed to Israel/Cairo to take a few bows…Finally an event she can take back to the folks at home and testify on Benghazi with a little dignity. (Emphasize little). She did say the buck stops with her as she was leaving town…or did she? Obama’s a gallant guy…he ducked the hit for Susan Rice and he’ll do the same for Hilary.
Somehow I felt a little safer with both she and Barak on the other side of the planet. It was a false positive though; the sycophanting press made sure Barak never looked so presidential, especially making Clinton-esque goo-goo eyes at the local head mistress and Hilary was at her pants-suit statesman-like best; besides they knew Nancy and Harry wouldn’t drop the ball. The ones they break are usually ours.
It’s getting easier than ever to tell who’s lying and who’s not in today’s complicated, multicultural world of bobbing and weaving. The ones under oath are lying sons of badgers…the top gun tells the truth according to the provisions for verisimilitude in the holy Quron…When in doubt lie your ass off.
Happy Thanksgiving y’all…
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