No Free Lunch Not Even Food Stamps Are Free

Folks, The night watchman is a burglar

The cabal that grips America is not concerned with collateral damage. Their mission is to render this nation incapable of and disinterested in recognizing or stemming the erosion of our religious, financial, political and educational institutions and national heritage. Lawlessness that contributes to our economic woes, political corruption and moral decay is ignored, abetted and in some cases encouraged and in some cases perpetrated, by a president, an Attorney General, a Department of Homeland Security, The Securities and Exchange Commission, The Senate and The Supreme Court (among others) who preside over the deterioration of the Constitutional Republic. These individually and in concert are not the greatest threat to America but represent the instruments and agencies that are doing the dirty work of the cabal under the delusion that they are merely engaging in party politics. Since they are or are populated and run by socialist-minded ideologues the policies do not run counter-intuitively.

The conundrum we face is that although the greatest threat to our society is the Muslim Brotherhood and their tenet to impose Jihad, the only way to defeat them is to eliminate the political machine that gives them preferential treatment and status while Christians and Jews are subjected to thinly veiled persecution. The purely political machine (Obama/Cabal) and the quasi religious/political organization (Muslim Brotherhood) are both inclined to world dominance, but neither will share power if their goal actually comes within their grasp.

For now both are intent on America’s decline in affluence, influence and international leadership. Both are amused that Americans do not realize that economic stagnation is a symptom and a tool of creeping socialism and bodes the end of an American middle class. A middle class that does not regenerate becomes extinct. A country with no middle class is dependent on government and a government in that position can afford to be as autocratic as it pleases.

There are no coincidences in politics. The financial crisis is a design; the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East is designed; Israel has been goaded into a war of attrition with no allies; unemployment at record levels and debt unimaginable by rational economists is a turn around. Americans left to die with no attempt or intent to intervene is a political inconvenience. Christians told to betray their fundamental teachings are defying the law, Jews are told that American-Israeli relations have never been stronger, Republicans are told that the people have spoken in the face of massive voter fraud. The Attorney General sues states that take steps to prevent voter fraud, sues states that uphold gun laws, sues states that protect international borders and the media vilifies the states not the government.

Fifteen states threaten secession from the union for Constitutionally correct grievances and they are called sore losers. Four Americans died in an attack on our embassy, investigations are heating up, the worst natural disaster in human memory has changed the eastern coastline forever, people are without, lights, shelter, food or fuel and the Commander in Sheik and Secretary of State are touring South East Asian countries that also have no regard human suffering. We will preach democracy when we have just lost ours.

We still have spacious skies and amber waves of grain but God will not shed His grace on us until we take a hand in our own salvation. We are in the clutches of a clever, ruthless cabal and we are told that the arsenic we are offered is a tonic; things are getting better. We need to spend more money to get out of debt, tax the rich in fairness and encourage entrepreneurs with draconian regulations. More than half of us, we are told, agree.

I know when I am taken prisoner and I am willing to plot my escape. More of us need to wake up and smell the shish kebabs.

I was born with self determination as a guiding principle and I will die deciding my fate. Stand by the Constitution and defy those who deny its relevance and genius. Stand by for the next coincidence…Americans will rise up and right wrongs by any and every means available to us; for now my tattered and torn flag remains at half mast.


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