Allen West a casualty of crooked politics


Last text to me from Allen West, yesterday evening…”They certified Murphy as winner using old data.”

The first partial recount revealed 750 more votes in Allen’s favor.

At that rate Allen was a sure winner. Then it was decided to do a total recount but would not impound the equipment which would have assured a fresh start and we would have been able to determine if more votes were entered than were registered to vote and other irregularities…

Allen fought a battle in his limited district that should have been fought to protect the integrity of the democracy on a national scale. Considering the odds Allen did remarkably well. His loss is our loss.

I am sure we have not heard the last of this great patriot, war hero and new American icon.

The incredible resources that were brought to bear to defeat the people’s Congressman should be noted so that no one has a false impresion of the travesty that took place. First the Republican Party abandoned Allen for his independence and refusal to follow the party line when it did not reflect the will of the people he represents. The redistricting was intended to put Allen at a strong disadvantage in the 22nd District. His move to the 18th was brilliant and courageous but the democrats pulled out all stops to give the victory to Murphy…by any means necessary. Adam Hasner was also marked for defeat in Allen’s 22nd District, by a national democrat machine that got behind a local candidate, no questions asked.

George Soros, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi fed the PAC machine to smear Allen and give his opponent a hidden advantage. Soros alone contributed $5 million dollars. Murphy was able to claim that Allen raised 10+ million to his 2 million. Even a casual observer could not help notice that Murphy’s smear ads outspent Allen’s campaign money.

Unless the electorate is willing to be better informed and intimately involved in the process we will not be able to keep our most effective representatives in office. Lesson given but sadly not yet learned.

Allen proved his mettle on the field of honor repeatedly and faithfully over the course of a long, honorable and principled military career. The challenge of politics is that you don’t always know who your friends are or how to deal with a corrupt system. When the going gets tough in politics your peers don’t.


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