The Little Red Engine That Could

Folks, A letter for Israel
Pray for Israel. If you can support them financially please do.
Obama has stated that we will stand behind Israel. We knew then that his empty words were code for the opposite. The war on the Gaza strip is heating up and Israel is proving to the world once more what she is made of. I hear no call for assistance and no offer has been forthcoming. Israel is not a nation of fools. If we didn’t go to the aid of our own Embassies what chance would they stand? Who then will come to Israel’s side? France? Germany? The United Nations? Is Susan Rice pleading Israel’s plight before the United Nations as we speak, while Hilary sips rare wines in Australia?
I am beginning to believe that Barak will go to great lengths to avoid having Muslim blood on his hands. He takes credit for the death of Usama Ben Laden but gave him a Muslim burial at sea with attention to Islamic traditions and created a martyr. American lives have been forfieted and I expect no tears from Barak over Israeli blood spilled in this inevitable conflict.
No nation on earth would show the restraint that Israel has year in and year out, bombs in, bombs out. As usual when she is left with no alternatives and no allies Israel responds with deftness, accuracy and humanity…as opposed to the inhumanity Hamas and all Muslim Brotherhood sects display with no humiliation or hesitation. Civilized nations at war seek to destroy military targets and regret collateral damage and innocent human life lost in the process. Savages who still reside in the 2nd Century BC target civilian populations, hospitals and schools in the hope of demoralizing the military components.
This is the war Israel will engage and be damned for…Her enemies are offended that Israel dares to respond to constant bombing and bombastic language and swear vengeance and unspeakable atrocities will ensue. My country is mute. My heart breaks for Israel but also for our once great and proud tradition as the defender of democracy gone with no visible evidence of remorse or shame. Our pitiful response to call on the international community to do what we promised to do is one more national embarrassment Barak heaps on us.
Barak has propped up Israel’s enemies and humiliated our staunchest ally. I refuse to believe that this chameleon was reelected without voter fraud as his ace in the hole.
Israel; America may have abandoned you but I know Americans have not. We will clean our house and pray G-d when the sun sets and rises anew Israel and America will renew the bonds men of good will with common moral values, cherish.
Our prayers are with you.
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