Not So Fast…


The prospect of 18,000 new applications for unemployment have not stirred the Commander in Sheik to take the Union head behind the shed for a good old fashioned paddling. It’s a matter of perspective. Other than offering the usual lip service we might expect a show of real concern by the guy who presides over the highest unemployment rate since 1932. We might; unless we look back over the last four years and try to find a situation where job loss earned his concern. The guy who first “created or saved” over a million jobs and expanded that to “created 5 or 6 million jobs” by election time doesn’t bother to acknowledge that more Americans are unemployed at the end of his term that at the beginning. I used to connect the dots to arrive at a logical conclusion but lately the dots are scattered to the four winds.

For 18,000 jobs I’d negotiate with the devil on his own turf; wouldn’t you? Have asbestos suit, will travel. It seems the workers won’t accept pay cuts and the union is standing pat with them. The employer has taken a few straws in their britches over the years but Obamacare is the straw that broke the baker’s back. Do you feel as I do that given a little authority even Ronald McDonald could bring the parties together? With his big broad happy face he could suggest that there is no government check if you opt to be unemployed; yes, even at a reduced pay. Keep your lousy job and then, if you don’t like the job anymore go find a new one on your own dime. The new pay cut might not be as attractive as unemployment benefits, all things considered. Well not all things…nobody is considering the country, the deficit, the debt the American people. As for el presidente mucho, well things seem to be going along according to plan. I mean do you see a pattern here? Not yet? You will, my friend. We have four years for all you libs to catch up. Obama looks like the Devil Dog type to me but Michelle will be the hostess with the mostest if Hostess closes up shop according to Baraks grand plan for a robust economy…in the White House…


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