Muslim Brotherhood unveiled

Folks: What better way to serve America than to save America?

Is there a more urgent call or more noble cause before us than to save the Constitutional Republic? Before you answer that let me point out as concisely and clearly as humanly possible exactly what we are saving America from, for those who don’t believe America needs saving and the many others who cannot see the forest for the trees. If you think I’m about to tell you that we need to save America from Barak Obama, guess again…you see Obama is only the night watchman; if he throws in with the burglars or naps on the job the real problems begin. It’s too late to fire the night watchman.

Since most Americans don’t feel severely or directly affected by todays’ imposing threat to the Republic it is hard to tell them that a cancer has been spreading and disaster lurks closer with each tick of the clock. When they don’t hear the tick or the tock accepting reality is tantamount to upsetting their comfort zone. The barbarians have breached the perimeter and those same Americans are still oblivious to the fire fight. America is not homogeneous and the presence of people who dress and look different does not raise our awareness or suspicions; I get it. The dress code for many religious or Orthodox Jews, with beards and curled sideburns certainly poses no threat to society and the same goes for the Amish in Pennsylvania Dutch communities. Why should we find Burkas and bearded Muslim men wearing turbans threatening? In America we don’t expect strangers to assimilate quickly and therefor are not likely to suspect that some immigrants have no intention of assimilating or adopting America as their new mother country. We tend to assume that all immigrants are like the turn of the century Europeans who kissed our soil when they landed and came to America seeking opportunity and self determination and were fiercely patriotic. We marveled at the industrious Chinese before the Europeans who seemed to go directly from ships to laundries and restaurants willing to work hard for American opportunity and they certainly didn’t look like the typical American.

Our enemy is hiding in plain sight and our government takes extraordinary measures to convince us that there is no enemy. They enter legally for the most part and spread out uniformly in the cities and suburbs all over America; unlike all other immigrants who tend to live in communities settled by their countrymen who preceded them. At least dozens of terror attacks over the years, on our soil, killing thousands of Americans, are attributed to various groups or as isolated incidents by unassociated individuals “acting independently”, we are almost always told. Later we learn of their affiliations with various terror groups but always on page 4. Obama took to the airwaves the night of the Fort Hood massacre to tell us not to “jump to conclusions.” Just what conclusions was he concerned we would reach? We are conveniently willing to accept substituted terms or outright lies for actuality, even when the obvious flies in the face of mocking words that insult our intelligence. The Fort Hood murders, accompanied by shouts of Allah Akbar, is called “work place violence”. “Enemy combatants”, “overseas contingency operation”, “spontaneous demonstration” and assigned blame to a nondescript video nobody saw for the deaths of an American Ambassador and three American heroes make the most of our gullible nature, and demean our intellectual awareness. There is a concerted, intentional effort to protect an enemy operating with impunity within our borders and on battlefields of their choosing, diminishing our readiness, willingness and reason to fight. The enemy has plainly and boldly declared war and continuously wages war on us, while our elected officials and media protect their identity and constrain our rightful and dutiful will to retaliate and Obama blandly assures the world that “we are not at war with Islam.” The decision to retaliate or not to is unconstitutionally given to the United Nations and NATO because it insulates our Congress from getting too deeply involved and readily informed, while imposing the international governance this president prefers to our sovereignty as a nation. These are high crimes they commit involving the loss of our sovereignty and the wanton, unwarranted loss of American lives. We need to assign responsibility, not hope that those responsible admit to their malfeasance and betrayal before we hold them accountable.

Defeating Obama can be likened to eliminating Usama Ben Laden; a big take down, but there’s plenty more where he came from; so let’s try to understand just where that is and what it is. We twice elected a desperate ideologue, committed to transforming America. He won the election because Americans still don’t understand the meaning of total transformation and have no idea how we have been transformed thus far. Reports of widespread vote tampering sail by our consciousness like subliminal messages in a B rated movie. The next phase of his agenda is already in place in the form of sweeping taxes and draconian laws set for automatic execution in the days ahead. The hiring of thousands of IRS agents to aggressively enforce laws that are strongly opposed by those affected is a footnote when it should be seen in the light of a police state in the making. The disastrous results will be blamed on a so called do-nothing, obstructive Congress for a scape goat and will set in motion the decline toward the next “recession”; the democrat preferred term for a depression. The myth that we are “headed in the right direction” or the ludicrous statement that “people sense the economy is getting better” will soon be exploded, as myths often are when reality sets in and we take an honest survey of the damage inflicted by policies and edicts universally known to be deleterious. The Senate will escape criticism since we can’t point to any legislation, budget or culpability attached to them, while we are focused on Congress’ refusal to cooperate; and the real culprits, the Senate and the White House, continue to lie and swear for each other. We need to eliminate Obama from our midst and simultaneously pull back the curtain of uncertainty, bifurcation and deception. On his watch the Muslim Brotherhood has exponentially increased their influence and power at home and in the Middle East. If we identify the root cause of our problems as the same problems that beset Europe and the Middle East correctly we can begin to take retaliatory and corrective measures. The enemy is the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama has been their strongest ally. I repeat; the enemy is the Muslim Brotherhood…Islam-phobia is not a phobia; the phobia is owned by those who fear the American public and rightfully so. Witness the urgency to take our guns diminish our religious heritage and deny all truth. If the enemy of my enemy is my friend then the friend of my enemy is my enemy.

We’ve lost too much altitude to expect a soft landing. What I have described above is merely the tip of the iceberg. We have a problem too big and all-encompassing to expect the average American to take and digest overnight. Many patriots have been shouting and waving their arms at us for years and have written books and articles warning us in specific terms what we are dealing with but with the mainstream media in denial, the message and warnings are muted. Solutions are available but unless a groundswell of opposition is forthcoming the enemy will remain cocksure and arrogant.

The Muslim Brotherhood convened for the first time in 1928. Their Charter was chilling and ominous; anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-societal, uncivil…It demanded religious obedience and ordered Jihad in the name of Allah. It decreed that Islam must dominate the world, and the world must accept Islam, submit to servitude or die. It referred to non Muslims as infidels. The new Q’ran speaks of world order and details the methods and devices to bring down governments, specifically the American form of government, because it is founded on Judea Christian doctrine. Like masters of martial arts they planned to use our own strengths and weaknesses against us, to destroy us from within. Stalin and Hitler were admirers. Understanding human nature, the Brotherhood punishes their own with violence and even death for even the hint of disloyalty or what we would consider minor offenses to maintain their membership. The silence from the Islam of old is deafening.

The Muslim Brotherhood has spawned countless organizations that spread and carry out terror and Jihad and proudly take credit for murder and devastation while we deny their organization, associations, ambitions and unity. By any other name it is and always will be the Muslim Brotherhood. The sooner we learn that the sooner we can see the threat clearly and begin an offensive. Our politically correct officials, complicit media and bleeding heart liberals claim to have the ability to separate the good Muslims from the murderers by simply terming those who commit crimes, including Jihad and terror, as radicals; in the same breath, conservative, patriotic Americans who call attention to their agenda are also called radicals; it has the effect of making the enemy appear more benign. As far as I know the only way to tell the difference is after a crime or murder is committed. The radical element is not representative of the majority; but the Muslim Brotherhood is a well funded international organization that is methodically bringing down our society morally, financially and intrusively. Unless there is positive, undeniable public knowledge to the contrary, every effort is taken by our government not to use the terms Islam, Muslim or terrorist and that bit of facetious political correctness will be our undoing.

All of the information you need to form your own opinion is available in books, articles, on the Internet etc. Don’t expect to hear these things on Fox except in occasional interviews or read about it in your newspaper; perhaps a byline here and there but it won’t pop out at you. The death of a Republic doesn’t warrant bold headlines; one dies every 250 years or so.

For now know that many will not rest until America is free again. The opposition exists and is growing. Every American who loves the Constitution should be part of it.

God bless America,


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