A Cause Greater Than Oneself

Folks, where’s the disconnect?

You can salute the flag, support the troops, help the wounded vets; you can recite the Pledge of Allegiance and grow misty eyed, sing the National Anthem with a lump in your throat. You may have served this great nation in uniform and now wait anxiously for word of your children who serve…These are realities of patriotism that make us feel good about ourselves and enforce the convictions we hold politically. These are the evidence our neighbors witness and know us by; we are all Americans. Is it enough? Is that all there is to being an American?

Most Americans go synagogues or to churches, pray for the country, our boys in harm’s way and support a particular political philosophy…or identify with one or another political party. Is that enough? Is that all there is to being a good God-fearing American? Most Americans don’t vote…does that jibe with our patriotic duty? If being required to vote once every four years is a burden to most Americans we may start here to ask what went wrong with the Republic. Is the fact that Americans with different political opinions who are equally patriotic, at least in their own minds, differ on Constitutional grounds good for America or is that where the bonds that bind us begin to strain and shred? The time honored tradition that we are Americans first is no longer time honored it is no longer true for many citizens. Are we being divided by selfish political ambitions and political strategies that demean, denounce and discredit rather than propose constructive solutions? Why is it that undeniable events and time honored historically proven policies that support conservatives are denied universally as false and the same is true of policies and undeniable events that indict and expose the opposition?

As a Conservative I can recite a litany of policies, laws, edicts, statements, actions and in-actions and mis-managed events that are responsible for America’s decline and they are categorically denied or interpreted favorably by every Democrat in office, in public service, in media and in the ranks of their loyal electorate. Democrats will not tolerate discussions of Constitutional malfeasance or the decline of our standard of living as a result or consequence of a unified attempt to render the Republic irrelevant. There is a universal refusal on the part of liberals, democrats and socialists to acknowledge the similarity of our trajectory with the historic patterns of European economies that have resulted in today’s unresolvable financial crises. No breach of the public trust is admitted as such, much less attributed to this administration by the media or leftist sycophants who are frozen in the image of three monkeys; hear no evil, see no evil and speak (of) no evil.

The sooner we admit that the Republic presented to us in 1787 was successfully terminated in 2012 the sooner men of good will will join to rekindle the spirit of 1776. We are men who cherish the God given gift of self determination and are willing to go to any lengths to live in that light. Oppressive governments force God fearing men to yearn for freedom and no sacrifice is too great in that quest. We have the blueprint and the example of our forefathers to guide us. We will not be deterred. Be it a plan for secession or a declaration of war, what God has created let no man put asunder. We will not abide the transformation forced on us nor the dubious idea that America’s demographics have changed and the new Americans eschew the Republic, reject self determination and embrace mediocrity; poppycock!

If the new demographics referred to are the beneficiaries of defacto amnesty, I reject that premise.

If the new demographics include the unemployed by government design, I reject the suggestion that they choose entitlements over freedom and gainful employment.

If the new demographics include the disenfranchised whose votes were cancelled by electronic manipulation of the system, I reject the outcome.

If the new demographics assume that race trumps patriotism I reject that premise as divisive tactics that will not stand the test of time.

We have but one objective to live for which is worth dying for; either the restoration of our sacred Constitutional Republic or the creation of a new one. This grand experiment shall not die in vain by crookery and deceit.

We will not permit our Judea Christian heritage to be denied by Atheists, agnostics and Islamic Muslim Jihadists. We know who the enemy is and we are wisened to his ways.


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