We’ve come too far to go back now…pray not.


What would Obama do differently if his intention was to demoralize our troops and empower the enemy? How would he behave if he wanted us to lose confidence in our military and justice system? Is it arrogance or disdain when our highest officials are intimidated or indoctrinated to a degree that none break ranks to protect the country instead of the president? Does the oath of office mean so little to so many?

President Harry S. Truman coined the phrase, “the buck stops here”. With that he took responsibility and acted on his authority. It didn’t take a dozen committees to investigate the obvious.

The phrase has since become a slogan…a diversion instead of an assurance. The buck no longer stops anywhere. I was taught that ignorance of the law is not an excuse but the president, the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, Generals and CIA Chief have changed that culture. It is no longer their responsibility to know much of anything; they can’t even tell you who is supposed to know. Is there an adult among us who hasn’t heard the words of a frustrated parent ringing in our ears? “What do you mean you don’t know!”

When no one knows you can reach one conclusion safely; they all know. Even we know but somehow unanimous denial tops common sense and grinds the wheels of justice to a halt. If that is the motive for holding their tongues then they are all criminals…draw your own conclusion. Good men are dead and the remorse factor is pitifully absent among the most culpable. Officials are lying and the concern factor is divided on party lines. “Hearings” are incubators of creative prevarication.

You are more likely to find clean hands in a den of thieves attending a finger painting class than you are if we peeled back seventeen layers of government officials and appointees in a hospital scrub room. We the people cannot lay claim to clean hands either, if we continue to tolerate corruption and take sides politically when our country and our culture is threatened. If an administration can’t be trusted to protect an embassy how foolish are we to trust them with the lives of our children on a grand scale?

If the answer is to pull out of engagements in the Middle East and bring our boys home who will keep us safe at home? The Black Panthers? Obama’s private militia? Will we be safer if we let Hilary sign Small Arms Treaties with the United Nations? Do we not admit to a slippery slope? An administration that is incapable of or unconcerned with providing leadership and a winning philosophy must be removed and replaced. We failed to do that when we had the chance. Who will pay the price? Does anyone believe that we will not continue to suffer the consequences of incompetence or betrayals? Do we believe that the disarray we are witnessing is not the bastard child of incompetence or betrayal? How long are we going to allow this president to skate by on his one dubious accomplishment, the killing of Usama Ben Laden? When will we accept the question, did we kill Osama or deliver a martyr to our enemy? as a legitimate question of national security? When will we have the A-political conscience to take the word of our finest and bravest Navy Seals over the braggadocio of a highly questionable presidency?

For four long, debilitating years I have begged; remove Obama by any and every legal means available to us. I can only pray that the wheels of justice and Constitutional sanity grip the pavement before more brave Americans die needlessly and the Republic dies from benign neglect. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Transformation takes the shape of many discrepancies; many discrepancies spell disaster.

Will your service be defined by blind loyalty to strangers or will we take responsibility for the actions of our elected officials and hold them accountable. Gridlock may be our best defense if it prevents us from further deterioration; and gridlock reveals the true nature of our incompetents in charge.

God bless America.


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