Veteran’s Day


Veteran’s Day celebrations are winding down. I didn’t feel it this year. I’m a Korea vet and proud of my service and I’m indescribably proud of every veteran still around to accept the approval of their fellow citizens. My thoughts remain primarily with those who gave their lives and those who gave limbs and others who have memories etched into their minds that have changed them forever. I am not a battle tested veteran but I was a volunteer prepared to accept whatever my country requested of me at all times.

Although I strongly oppose the shopping emphasis over the parades and ceremonies I always felt a little taller on this day for the great heritage America has of going to war to make others a little safer or to spread democracy.

This year I treated the day like any other day. My flag is still at half mast and I am not sure that today’s veterans are getting the respect and attention they need and deserve. I’m not sure that our brave men and women are being given every consideration and the support they must have to assure them and me that their service is appreciated by this Commander in Sheik. I am concerned for their safety which may be threatened by the enemy, which I do not have problem with; but by their chain of command with which I have serious problems.

I’m sure I wasn’t missed and I don’t want to dampen the enthusiasm of those who deserve the day to honor their service, so stayed out.

God bless our country and our brave service men and women. Our prayers are needed and appreciated. Tell those for whom we pray that we haven’t forgotten them and our prayers follow them always.


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