Dust off our morals and our values

Folks, Dust off our morals and our values
If the Obama administration had clean hands in the Benghazi affair the president would immediately have recalled every official remotely associated with the failure and demanded detailed reports from each and every one. Heads would have rolled and steps taken to see to it that such an occurrence could never happen again. Congressional investigations would take a very different complexion.
An emissary would have been dispatched to reprimand the Libyan government in person or at least state our official displeasure.
The families of the dead would have been made aware of the corrections, a presidential apology would be forthcoming privately and publicly and all of the men involved, living and dead, would be recognized for their sacrifices, heroism and honorable service with appropriate pomp and ceremony. That and nothing less would have been presidential, moral and in America’s best interest..
None of the above has transpired…What is transpiring, slowly with agonizing conflict, is a national disgrace of a magnitude that should call into question the president’s motives; not the degree of his complicity; if that isn’t obvious it brings into serious question who we are as a people.
In four short years Americans have forgotten what the presidency should stand for and what is meant by presidential behavior…When our sovereignty is compromised we should be indignant and concerned. Instead we take sides; democrats on the left, Republicans on the right and bald headed parrots screeching obscenities through it all. The answers we get will lay the issues to rest…and leave us wanting; and we knew that from the first inane statement that a film is responsible for what this president brought about.
Did Petreus betray us? He lied. The American people are now creating their own scenarios to account for his lies and to preserve their image of an American icon. It was the left press which rhymed his name with an unsavory act; betrayal. Will he testify? At best the General is becoming controversial rather than a steadying influence. It is not in the best tradition of the military to shirk one’s responsibilities. It is not military tradition to allow personal issues to interfere with the affairs of the country…not even personal affairs. He is no longer active military…he is the top guy at the CIA…arguably a post he would not normally have gravitated to…Was his appointment a compromise with this administration? Was he actually compromised 4 years ago? He certainly wasn’t the darling of the left when he was appointed. He was called a liar without reservation by Hilary and the press before Obama tapped him for the most important job for our international defense considerations. Could it be that Obama has some bit of treachery hanging over this icon with clay feet that would compel him to behave uncharacteristically…or do we really know what is characteristic about this soldier?
I know one thing without any question in my mind. Nothing is certain. The contradictions we are trying to sort out would not be the issues of the day if we were unconditionally committed to the Constitution and intolerant of the slightest departure from its philosophy. Democrats would be equally opposed to the myriad Constitutional issues instead of bickering over who is taxed and who is not.
We need more Americans and fewer Republicans and Democrats in America. Perhaps our worst hyphenated American is to be an American Republican, American Democrat or American apologist.
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