The Main Event is Coming…

Folks, He’s a dancer not a fighter.

So Harry Reid says he fights better than he dances…I say he dances not to fight. His best move in a fight is a feint. Many an opponent has been fooled by this non punch. This is a Democrat who betrays the notion of the balance of powers by removing the one entrusted to him from engagement. By his singular initiative the Senate has not produced a budget yet and has pronounced practically every Republican sponsored Congressional Bill D.O.A.; dead on arrival. The betrayal of the people is that he has leased the Senate to the White House and does Obama’s bidding rather than the work of the people as their representative. If that is not betrayal I don’t know what is. Checks and balances is now the sole function of the White House and when Congress flexes a little muscle Obama simply rules by presidential decree and the Supreme Court looks the other way. This is as close to a dictatorship as America can come without outright declaration of a coup. Why declare war when the spoils of victory are delivered without a blow?

But Harry Reid is on the under card…a preliminary bout before the main event. I have great news for Obama’s private electorate. Obama will be in the White House for four more years; the main event. You won. I know you know you won but the good news for you is that Obama will do for the next four years exactly what he did in the first four, and then some. That is what you wanted isn’t it? Didn’t you vote for Obama because he was so good to you in his first term? More taxes on the rich and more free stuff for you; and he didn’t even need his private militia to force you to betray the nation…Make no mistake my miscreant celebrants, you are Obama’s private electorate and that is benign slavery at best. The 90% of the black population that voted for Obama just voted to be slaves. Martin Luther King died trying to eradicate what you signed up for. You are his private electorate because there is nothing Obama could do in his first term that would dissuade you and probably not in his second term. The unemployment statistics don’t phase you because your income isn’t affected by no job, it may even be higher. Silly us, we thought that 14% unemployment among blacks would cause you to see that Barak has no plan for job creation. Well now I realize that you do see it and that is why you vote for him; “Obama, he take care of me!”

What irony. 90% of the black vote see themselves as free because they voted not to be.

As for the rest of our electorate, remember what Barak said. “Vote for revenge”. I know you don’t listen to that campaign rhetoric…your smarter than that. You vote for “women’s rights” and haven’t a clue that like the other contingent in your private electorate, you’re feeling good about the very thing you’re going to lose. Long after women stop caring about birth control they will be rationed the care they need to live out their years in dignity. As your children come of age they will have no hope for the future and no control of their destiny. As you grow wiser you will come to realize that 1% is really anyone with a few bucks to spare, as long as they earned it. The entitlement society you voted for because you are benevolent with my productivity will be in the streets throwing rocks at you if you are not burning tires with them, my short sighted, foolish friends. It doesn’t matter that you voted to give them stuff; when the spigot gets shut off the spite gets turned on. I hope you took some dancing lessons from Harry.

I’m dismayed because I will suffer the same fate that you are begging for and I am begging you to reject; or I and the millions of true Americans who understand the great gift that the Constitution is will beat back the threat Obama presents and you will take credit for it. And in 200 or so freedom filled years of self determination, unless we enact laws and amend the Constitution to prevent you from foisting your stupidity on the rest of us, history will repeat. Probably your kids will sell my kids down the river just when capitalists get their good name back.

The greed you so righteously claim to denounce is in your DNA. Capitalists may display some greed to keep what they earn but what is it when the unproductive want to take what capitalists earn just for being unproductive? It is the generosity of productive people that is their undoing. They don’t refuse the first demand for support of the needy, they usually give more than they are asked. At the far end of that slippery slope taxing is not sufficient and confiscation is the last gasp of a failed government. When that is gone the truly greedy rebel and riot.

The America I envision will be a lot tougher on dancing fools and nip the punishment of success in the bud. Socialism is not a tool to be trusted in the hands of government and to avoid the decline of an empire the empire must strike back. If the Constitution has a flaw it is that it suffers fools…Egotists with a thirst for power who redistribute wealth and entitle the unworthy to buy their loyalty. Our forefathers were not unaware of this flaw but were helpless to protect us at that time; after all they convinced their peers that a government of the people, buy the people and for the people was the will of God and the peers said, in effect, then let God protect what they create. Now it is up to us. Do we intend to put our freedom at risk every four years until we lose the bet or will we, in four years have the courage to take back the country and wrap it in Judea Christian dogma once more and go the extra step and protect it from erosion for all time. If we have the courage of our convictions that fight begins now.

God bless America,


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