Look No Further

Folks, look no further.

If you believe in America believe in yourself. We are the problem and we are the answer.

I’ve been wracking my brain looking for the good that came out of the election. I listened, I watched, I meditated and I searched the web…I prayed for enlightenment hoping that the Lord would reveal His great master plan to save America and restore our faith in our fellow man…When we are told the Lord works in mysterious ways, you can take that to the bank…Of course if we had a choice would we choose that the Lord provide our answers and execute His plan while we wait for the all clear signal to go on with our lives? Or would we choose, as the Lord did, to use the greatest gift of all, self determination, to seek our preferences?

The great majority of us would opt for self determination unhesitatingly but I wonder how many actually do so in practice, when the chips are down? Based on the results of the last election, I’d say about half of us; and that may be wishful thinking on my part. It takes courage to be truly free and not everyone can muster that courage or sees the connection between self determination and freedom, but like the Sammy Cahn lyric, “you can’t have one without the other” says, they are inextricably connected.

My own cousin, arguing for Socialism, asked me if I would give up Social Security, feeling sure that he had me in a conundrum I couldn’t answer honestly without agreeing that Socialism has a place in our society…he ignored my answer even though my voice was pitched and filled with sarcasm. Let’s not belabor the point; yes; I would; in a heart beat, retroactively if possible. I value our God given self determination and it shouldn’t be challenged lightly. “Write me a check with interest for the money I paid in and I am more free.”

When we come to grips with the fact that we are blessed with self determination, we should no longer be surprised when our prayers go seemingly unanswered. We all prayed that the election would be a turning point toward the restoration of this great nation or that Barak would lose convincingly and some of us feel betrayed by the result. Really? Does it ever occur to us that perhaps the Lord feels betrayed and is patiently waiting for us to acknowledge His gifts? Do we truly believe that the nation created on Judea Christian principles, relying on our faith to guide us every step of the way through the trials and travails of fighting for Independence, can succeed in the future agnostically? Isn’t it possible that those who believe in our subjugation are more committed to their dogma than we are to our Judea Christian heritage? From unwavering faith and belief in core values comes the strength and determination to achieve greatness, if we take the tasks unto ourselves. Is it any wonder then, that our prayers go unanswered at this time in history? Is an America that abides the protestations of atheists and agnostics ready for redemption? If we tolerate a statement that America is no longer a Christian nation can we turn for help from God in good faith?

At least half of the electorate is willing to cede self determination and accept government entitlements as a government responsibility, so they can be free not to make survival choices. They have unwittingly accepted the most debilitating form of slavery on earth. Those who accept will remain unproductive, inexperienced and unskilled with nothing more expected of their useless existence than to vote for the master every four years; amazingly even that is too much to ask of some.

What of those who cherish the ability to earn their way, are proud of our heritage and believe in smaller, unobtrusive government? Haven’t most of them prayed devoutly for American resurrection? Are they less responsible for our current circumstances than those accepting government sustenance if they also fail to vote? How many patriotic Americans have left the machinations of government to elected officials and are more concerned with work, family and play than with the performance of the people they elect? Are they not responsible for the results of passive citizenship? Perhaps we all need to step back a moment and admit that America is in decline because we don’t pay attention until ruin is on our doorstep. When politicians have gotten so far afield that they cannot keep the ship of state afloat without guaranteeing its destruction we are called upon to make choices far beyond our expertise. Self determination and liberty are put on hold while inept politicians scour the nation for pockets of wealth that can be picked clean to atone for their ineptitude.

The majority of us, late to the ball, are roused to awareness by the results of the election; the country has changed. The president who promised total transformation asked for more time to complete the job; “we have come too far to turn back now” is code for his intention to double down on the policies that reverse the order of authority that made this country unique and productive. Government regulation and intimidation will determine our future and self determination will be discouraged and punished.

How did this happen you ask? The good that may have come from this election that contradicts our value system is the retrospection and introspection we are all going through after the fact. If we conclude that our prayers weren’t answered because we didn’t do the work that answers prayers there is hope.

If we restore Judea Christian preeminence and renounce attempts to diminish our faith our voice will be stronger and more resolute. If we recommit our lives to a cause greater than ourselves, some good has come of the election.


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