Was I Wrong?


We have an electorate that acts like the farmer’s daughter. Every other feed salesman that comes through town has his way with her…a few promises and a pack of bubble gum is all it takes. Pretty soon she has low self esteem and few core values.

The salesman is the last suspect when her belly rises and the farmer boy down the road is marched to the altar with a shotgun in his ribs for trying to steal a kiss behind the barn once…the farmer’s daughter will always have a weakness for travelling salesmen and free bubble gum.

And I remain cynical to the end…The president with the worst track record in history, who has not produced a budget since coming to office, who gave the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood, who will not produce documents with the help of the court, who postponed taxes and inconvenient policies until after the election, who doubled the national debt, who presides over the highest unemployment rates since 1932, who has not responded to the devastation from Sandy except for a photo op with a Republican governor, who allowed 4 Americans to die and lied about the circumstances even in the face of damning evidence, who will not condemn Muslim terrorism, who claims the Constitution and Bill of Rights are flawed documents, who transferred funds to the Middle East over the objections of Congress, who passed a Trojan Horse Health Care Bill with arm twisting political chicanery over the objection of the majority of Americans, who has played more golf in three years than Arnie Palmer in his prime, who killed the oil industry in the Gulf and gave leases to Brazil and Mexico in place of American companies, who killed the Canadian pipeline, who gave billions to bankrupt companies like Solyndra, who bowed to Muslim Potentates, who apologized for American exceptionalism, who denied our Judea Christian heritage and gave Islam false credits in our history, who insulted heads of state, who threw Israel under the bus and insulted Netanyahu on several occasions, who promised Russia unknown cooperation after the election when he would have “more flexibility”, who downsized our military, moved our missile defenses against our best interests…who claims to be a Christian but has presided over the Feast at the end of the Muslim fast 3 years running and hired 16,000 IRS agents to enforce health care laws…

This is the man who somehow curried the right number of votes from the exact right states with pinpoint accuracy…

I remain, as always, unconvinced of this man’s legitimacy…What would a conquering dictator do differently…other than not blame Bush?

Demand Obama’s removal by any and every legal means available under the Constitution. We are in for some rough sledding America but we will restore this great nation in time. Do not underestimate the power of prayer…or the power of those who pray.


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