Who let the dog out…

Folks, The dog will still have separate accommodations

Here are some future headlines “not off the presses”…yet..

November 3rd, 2012, Washington Post; “Michelle Demands Severance Pay!”
January 2nd, 2013, Herald Tribune; “Congress officially dubs Obama the “Cookie Jar President””.
February 9, 2013, The Daily Noose; “New Attorney General sues to recover billions at swearing in ceremony.”
February 10th, 2013, South African Inquirer, “Kenya refuses extradition request.”

They say that Sominex can induce hallucinatory reactions in the twilight between sleep and reality. We can all use a little twilight joy.

The Daily Planet, April 15th, 2012. “Is the Obama’s new 35 million dollar estate the property of the American people?”

It’s been a hell of a run for the Obama’s. In 2005 they purchased a measly $1.65 million dollar house with a little help from their friends. To be honest they had more than a little help. Couldn’t have the next president of the United States living in a manner he could really afford, now could we? From a condo to a manse in 2 easy lessons is a book unpublished and hardly in demand but Michelle wasn’t proud of Barak until he gave her the White House…

But the four year stint in the White House was lucrative to a fault. One would expect that a shrewd financial mind like the Obama’s possess could only result in wealth beyond our imagination…No “blind trust” could produce these results unless they had a visionary tipping them off to great investment opportunities like Solyndra and we all know Obama doesn’t cheat.

No Harry and Bess, who drove themselves out of Washington in a new 1953 Chrysler New Yorker back to the same modest house in Independence, MO. to live their remaining years in relative obscurity, Barak and Michelle, (she can go back to calling him Barry), will not lower their standards and wouldn’t be caught dead in a lousy 6 bedroom Chicago burb house. With a little help from their friends they’ll settle into a $35 million estate complete with running maids and hot tubs in every room. The question is who are the helpful friends and how do they justify a gift of that order to a sitting president? Wasn’t the Ming Vase Nixon got for learning basic conversational Chinese left behind for us to treasure? Even the Kennedy’s were proud to memorialize personal gifts among relics collecting dust in the bowels of the White House as the property of the people…Only the Clinton’s couldn’t get past the metal detectors as they went their separate ways to meet in a modest manse, upstate New York, on anniversaries and Christmas for photo shoots and English lessons. “Is” will never have the same meaning for me either; that;s the way it are.

Joe Biden was quick to point out that Barak was bright, clean and articulate, so all I’m saying is I’d like Barak to actually come clean…Whose house is that in Kailua? We the people can use a little getaway place on the beach.

Perhaps I’m off base here. Perhaps the Obama’s made hundreds of dollars selling books and scored a few bucks for Ambassadorships, pardons, government grants to bankrupt companies…you know; the usual wares a president has to keep moving off the shelves if he doesn’t want to end up in pauper’s grave, his wife and kids left to survive on government entitlements.

Here’s a headline or two you will have to look for but won’t be too hard to find once the votes are counted, recounted, contested, re-contested, verified and chad-proofed.

November 7th, 2012, AM edition, Delaware Star; “Romney wins in a landslide!”
December 31, 2012, Washington Outsider, “High Court refuses to release Obama passport! Obamas forced to live in the U.S.!”
January 1, 2013 South African Trotter, “Kenya issues formal complaint in a stinging rebuke of American racist policies. Letter begins: “Let my people go…”
January 13, 2013, London Starr, “Indonesian official position is not to verify who attended school and was a devout Muslim…unless the check doesn’t clear.”
November 3rd, 2012, The Vatican Sentinel, Mid East Edition: “Christian prayers answered: Jews will outlive Jihad.”

Be patient, wise and resolute. Vote to save the Republic. I predict a Romney landslide, hence a mandate from the people. Until this Wednesday my flag remains at half mast. Please vote so I can raise a brand new flag on Wednesday.

In liberty, in God we trust and in one voice…


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