3,2,1, Vote!

Folks, truth and consequences
The count down has begun and will end with a new era emerging; some Americans see little or no discernible difference in the candidates or the parties and that is not acceptable.
In a Republic no one can justify opting not to vote and still claim to love the country and believe in the founding documents. It’s like driving past the Church and making the sign of the cross but not believing in the doctrine inside.
Obama has clearly stated his animus with the Constitution and Bill of Rights for having the fundamental concept of government by the people reversed. That should disqualify anyone from seeking the presidency, but Obama went on to say that he would work around that; and so he did. Does that clarify his interpretation of total transformation? Without the Constitution we are merely another democracy and Obama has intimated as much on the stump and on foreign soil.
Taking that into account how can anyone characterize Romney or Obama as the lesser of two evils? If an American voter holds that opinion it reveals the shallow understanding many Americans have of the meaning and embodiment of evil; and the protection offered under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Socialism is a device used by despots to gain control of the minds but not the hearts of an electorate. Socialism is not evil; the despots are. In a Kibbutz socialism is a working arrangement among the denizens. If government owns the Kibbutz, Socialism will have an unequal manager that devours the productivity, work ethic and good intentions of the original members. An administration that champions social programs and taxes selectively must be held accountable for declining productivity, which is inevitable, and the Achilles heal of all autocrats.
The choice America is facing on Tuesday is not defined in the men who seek the presidency; it is defined by the form of government they envision and institute. Obama has clearly chosen to use Socialism to achieve his goals. Romney ascribes to free markets and self determination. Obviously when viewed from this perspective we are no longer talking about the lesser of two evils; the choice is clear. We will decide on November 6th if the Republic will survive or if we opt to end the Republic and accept the undefined results of applied socialism to our daily existence…My guess is that when the policies involved in transformation have made us most vulnerable Obama will embrace Fascism openly and we will become a democratic Socialist Republic, a dictatorship or an Islamic Fascist nation…People who do not truly understand evil should be more aware of the consequences of their actions, conclusions, even their ideas…
An educated and informed electorate is our only defense against transformation from good to evil. Vote for the type of government you most want your children to live in.
A nation so blessed must come to terms with the source of the bountiful life we lead and look no further for the extension of the Republic when we vote. Self determination is our God given human characteristic…nowhere should it be more judiciously applied than in the voting booth; your vote will determine whether self determination will be the driving force in America’s future. Now go vote and save the Republic.
Guido Volante, Author
Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.

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