Fooled by the fickle finger of mendacity

Folks, mendacity is my teacher

Lately every Obama supporter I speak with has a qualifier….It goes something like this…First they tell me I’m a right wing extremist, an alarmist, a political hack, a radical right winger etc., etc. Then they give me one example of Obama’s negatives and seven examples of his positives. “We now have the best relationship with Israel we ever had. The stimulus saved us from a great depression. Obama saved the auto industry. The President got us out of Iraq. Obama killed Osama. America now has Obamacare. This administration created 5 million new jobs. Maybe he didn’t cut the deficit but he inherited an unspeakable mess, of which we’ll speak indeterminately.”

My stock answer is “imagine the mess the next guy is going to inherit; but I’ll bet he doesn’t carp about it for four years.”

They actually believe or expect us to believe that the seven items are Obama good deeds. We know better. I also perceive a slight crack in their blind adoration for an unknown quantity. Four years into this cabal and for every question about Barry’s credentials and bio there are two to five answers and of course the stock rejoinder, “are you still on that old story?” Yes, my liberal, unthinking sycophants, until one answer is settled on and it is credible by my standards, yes, I’m still on that old story…make that plural.

Another thing, my miscreant, Jr.-Obama pack members; his record cannot be denied but it is constantly skewed to fit the times. If more Americans are out of work now than before Obama took center stage what does it matter if he created 5 million jobs, even if it was true…which it is not.

Saved the auto industry? Really? Chrysler was bought for a song by Fiat…last time I looked that’s Fiat Italia, who just announced that the all American Jeep will soon be built in China.Turn the other cheek and they are now selling us their new and improved Fiat 500 legendary mini car, that traverses the Autostrada at it’s peril.

General Motors was a major confiscation and redistribution exercise. A costly demonstration of Fascism in practice. Obama says he saved them from bankruptcy. In truth the bankruptcy they entered into is an ugly postponement of the inevitable, that could only have been prevented by a legal bankruptcy. GE was forced to buy the first year production of the overpriced, undervalued, under performing, over rated, Chevy Volt. To allay the Grim Reaper until after the election, we the people leased back the trucks we paid for. Now the Volts are showing up in Afghanistan…good luck with that. Try plugging the charge cord into a camel’s butt.

The love fest with Israel is a myth and too much of a disgrace and embarrassment to even discuss. “If Israel is bombed we will come to their aid” is a green light for Iran to do as they please, when they please. Iran is a coward and will gladly strike only if they can assure themselves that Israel will not be able to return fire in kind…an old fashioned Mexican stand off, for the moment. Obama chose sides and Israel is not on the team; the Muslim Brotherhood is the team.

The stimulus, history will reveal, nearly tipped the scales to put us in depression, a risk Obama was willing to take. It was an immense transfer of wealth from our coffers to deserving political cronies. An historical payoff scheme laughed off with an arrogant shrug that shovel ready jobs were not so shovel ready. Funny, right?

We packed up and left Iraq to regress back to the dark ages and claimed victory as we slammed the door behind us. It would be like the Hindenburg claiming it arrived on time…

Usama ben Laden was elevated from an ignominious death to a revered martyr. A single handed act by the man who claims to have been his nemesis. Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb? Not General Lee my friends, not General Lee.

Listen up you dying-to-be-fooled liberal numb skulls. With Obama care you are likely to die from being fooled. There is no Health Care in Obama Care. It is a bold attempt to control 1/6th of our economy; a major Socialist victory if it is fully implemented. The icing on the cake for the Commander in Sheik is that most Americans are not even talking about the Trojan Horse technique that transfers wealth, raises taxes, spies on our daily whereabouts and provides a private militia for the Presidente el Mucho. If we don’t relegate the bill to the trash heap of history America will be the trash heap of histroy.

Now go vote and finish the job, my unlikely Nathans of Hale. If Obama is reelected it will be a massive hoax of such improbable proportions that history books may never be able to relate the intrigue and audacity with any degree of accuracy, nor will they be permitted to try.

It is such an improbable calamity that I predict a landslide victory for Romney. Americans have reached the high water mark of gullibility and will vote to save the Constitution and the Republic even if they are not sure what they stand for. In the next 50 years let’s be grateful to God Almighty for our freedom and self determination and pass these values on to future generations so that America will never be fooled again.

God blessed America. Tuesday, November the 6th let us honor that blessing.


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