In the mirror you may find your savior.

Folks, For G-d’s sake

I have learned one irrefutable fact about racists, anti-Semites and haters of all description, worldwide. They may concentrate their hatred on one group or another but in the end the only group they don’t hate is their own or the group that most closely resembles their personal ideology for hatred. Hitler hated the Jews but was not deterred from killing Christians. He praised the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is disposed to a Holocaust of their own while denying that Hitler’s Holocaust ever happened. They strive for world domination but that would be a world where no Jew lives and only Islam rules. They are not timid in pronouncing their goal to convert all infidels to Islam or hold them as slaves; failing that, all infidels must be killed; that is the Muslim Brotherhood doctrine.

The civilized world must stand up to these thugs or embrace the fate that befalls us. I plead with all who value the freedoms enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Read the article below and take the time to write Congress, your own church leaders and the signers of this misguided letter demanding Congress investigate American aid to Israel on the basis of Israel’s alleged crimes against humanity. It is a hate letter with an ulterior motive to accuse Israel of the very crimes it continues to suffer at the hands of her enemies; enemies that pretend to seek a peaceful resolution to their controversy but will not settle for less than Israel’s total elimination. Any honest historian will tell you that Palestinians have no historical or ancient claim to any land in the Middle East, much less the Sovereign soil which is now Israel. This makes the Palestinians a mere organization doing the bidding of the Muslim Brotherhood; no more, no less.

Israel needs and deserves our unconditional support. Condemn this “Christian” group that pretends to seek justice by denying human rights to a nation under siege. They uttered not a murmur when Obama provided the Palestinians with undeserved American tax dollars, even without Congressional approval; more, over the objection of the United States Congress.

The single act of standing up for Israel and denouncing unChristian behavior no matter what the source confirms your real committment to American values at a time when the president of the United
States will not do so.

God blessed America. Do not take that blessing for granted. Do not become a victim.


Church leaders have asked Congress to reevaluate aid to Israel.

Leaders of several American churches recently sent a letter to Congress asking them to investigate American aid to Israel. The letter accused Israel of massive human rights violations and erroneously asserted that American aid to Israel is “unconditional.” The letter focused on investigating only Israel and not other Arab states or the Palestinian Authority. Jewish groups were caught off guard, despite being in contact with the churches to plan a regular interfaith roundtable. In response to the letter, the Jewish groups canceled the planned meeting and instead invited the heads of the churches to a summit to discuss the matter.

In the New York Times, JCPA Vice President Ethan Felson said the letter shows that relations between Jews and some Christian groups are “badly broken”. This latest assault on Israel comes on the heels of failed attempts this past summer at the Presbyterian and Methodist church conventions to divest from companies selling defense equipment to Israel.

JCPA’s statement condemned the church letter and corrected the record that US aid to Israel is a product of shared values and goals and is not “unconditional.” The Rabbinical Assembly, American Jewish Committee and other groups also issued statements critical of the church leaders for their “unbalanced portrayal” of the situation and “political attack on Israel.”

The church letter to Congress was signed by leaders of the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and several other Christian groups. Their letter, which only mentions human rights in the rest of the world as part of a footnote, is the latest example of anti-Israel advocates’ unfair fixation – a pattern of anti-Zionism and delegitimization that JCPA and other groups have repeatedly pointed out. For instance, earlier this year, the JCPA challenged the Presbyterian church to reign in a Presbyterian chartered group with a leader who encouraged Hamas to hold Galid Shalit hostage for leverage and where a pastor said “greed and Injustice are a cancer at the very core of Zionism.”

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