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Folks It takes two terms to complete total transformation…
This morning on Fox a woman was interviewed while in line to buy gas for $1.84 a gallon, courtesy of an anti Obama or pro Romney not for profit organization. She admitted that the economy and gas prices have forced her to adjust her and her family’s choices to reflect their reduced buying power.
She went on to say she will definitely vote for Obama because his and Michelle’s social policies are compatible with her values. She added that it takes more than one term to turn an economy around. The woman felt she was sacrificing for America at a time when sacrifice was important; certainly noble and patriotic motives.
Sadly she is mistaken on both counts and her conclusions are typical of the masses that remain loyal to a failed presidency because the administration, aware of its effect on Americans’ standard of living, has promulgated a false narrative specifically to appeal to those Americans who rely on the administration to formulate their opinions and conclusions. This is the Alinsky strategy in effect. This woman has no idea what the Obama’s stand for and it does not take two terms to turn the economy around…It takes two terms to complete the total transformation most Americans have not yet deciphered will mean to them and their children’s future.
Below is a compilation of the economic reality of policies that did not succeed because they could not succeed. The listing does not suggest that these intended results represent the progress Obama is making to transform America, as he promised, from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist democracy or the significance of the difference.
“We have come too far to turn back now” is significant only because it measures increased poverty, debt, inflation and
unemployment as hallmarks of success. This patriotic woman and the millions who have been taken in by this subterfuge see it as hope and change in progress.
Print the tables out. They are excellent talking points in their own right but tell a much larger, far more sinister story.
After three years of Obama …

Here’s your change!

  Jan ’09 Today % Chg Source
Avg. Retail price/gallon gas in U.S. $1.83 $3.85 84% 1      
Crude oil, European Brent (barrel) $43.48 $99.02 127.7% 2      
Crude oil, West TX Inter. (barrel) $38.74 $91.38 135.9% 2      
Corn, No.2 yellow, Central IL $3.56 $6.33 78.1% 2      
Soybeans, No. 1 yellow, IL $9.66 $13..75 42.3% 2      
Sugar, cane, raw, world, lb.Fob $13.37 $35.39 164.7% 2      
Unemployment rate, non-farm, overall 7.6% 9.4% 23.7% 3      
Unemployment rate, blacks 12.6% 15.8% 25.4% 3      
Number of unemployed 11,616,000 14,485,000 24.7% 3      
Number of fed. Employees 2,779,000 2,840,000 2.2% 3      
Real median household income $50,112 $49,777 -0.7% 4      
Number of food stamp recipients 31,983,716 43,200,878 35.1% 5      
Number of unemployment benefit recipients 7,526,598 9,193,838 22.2% 6      
Number of long-term unemployed 2,600,000 6,400,000 146.2% 3      
Poverty rate, individuals 13.2% 14.3% 8.3% 4      
People in poverty in U.S. 39,800,000 43,600,000 9.5% 4      
U.S. Rank in Economic Freedom World Rankings 5 9 n/a 10      
Present Situation Index 29.9 23.5 21.4% 11      
Failed banks 140 164 17.1% 12      
U.S. Dollar versus Japanese yen exchange rate 89.76 82.03 -8.6% 2      
U.S. Money supply, M1, in billions 1,575.1 1,865.7 18.4% 13      
U.S. Money supply, M2, in billions 8,310.9 8,852.3 6.5% 13      
National debt, in trillions $10.627 $16.052 32.2% 14      

(1) U.S. Energy Information Administration; (2) Wall Street Journal; (3) Bureau of Labor Statistics; (4) Census Bureau; (5) USDA; (6) U.S. Dept. Of Labor; (7) FHFA; (8) Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller; (9) RealtyTrac; (10) Heritage Foundation and WSJ; (11) The Conference Board; (12) FDIC; (13) Federal Reserve; (14) U.S. Treasury

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