In a word… hocus.

Folks, hocus without pocus

I repeat. We may never get to witness a real debate again in my lifetime…Take a stroll through Douglas Monument Park on the Shores of Lake Michigan on All Hallows Eve and you will hear the painful groans of the loser to Lincoln bemoan the fact that Romney has Obama and he had Lincoln.

If you can block out the meaning of the words as if words do not have meaning, then I agree with the pundits on both sides of the aisle, that Obama won the debate. But words do have meaning and if we are expected to block out meaning and retain posture then why watch the debate at all?

Watching the defense of the indefensible provokes the idea that water boarding may not be so bad after all. Watching a president who has demonstrated four years of disdain for integrity prove once again that his tongue is the launching pad for flights of fancy is not my idea of stimulating debate.

Romney would be a skilled Chiropractor of the Non Force Technique variety. Sure, he emerged as the more presidential candidate but weren’t we hoping for blood in the water and a clear path to resurrection? Do not worry about Obama’s embarrassment for appearing unpresidential…you cannot embarrass someone who can descend to the depths of dishonesty with complete impunity, confident that his audience is rapt by his performance. Ignorance is bliss.

The score may be Romney 2, Obama 1, but neither candidate will be rewarded for their effort. Obama may, if there was one thoughtful, informed, liberal individual in the Continental United States listening…possibly have lost that vote; but alas there are two dumb asses in the audience who do not appreciate the staredown technique for what it was; a sophomoric, unbecoming display of endemic disdain.

The net result. Obama’s fraud squad had better be at the top of their game if they don’t want the Commander in Sheik to come in third in a two man race.

God blessed America. Do not let that blessing go unrequited. Defeat the impostor in the White House on Novemnber 6th.


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