Will the real traitor please stand up?

Folks, The Commander in Sheik

There is no shame to be fooled by a practiced deceiver. Halitosis; endemic, systemic, cloying, smothering, vomit inducing halitosis must serve as a warning that you are being confronted with a debilitating illness.

If Obama was a vampire we could say he increased his fold with a bite, one sycophant at a time. He’s not a vampire; he’s an evil, ideological, self indulgent, autocratic figure with a campaign motto ascribing to the agenda that would transform America. Hope and change and halitosis. It is the application of a socialist agenda to render this nation incapable of resisting the installation of a Fascist State. From there it requires the simple determination of only one man to submit the nation to outside rule…His fold increases by the perpetuation of the big lie.

Obama himself is a fabrication. His persona was assembled one lie at a time, long before he entered our consciousness, to present to the Democrat Party the most charismatic, electable politician their party ever embraced and endorsed. Once the Democrat Party took the bait Obama’s creators knew they would turn heaven and earth upside down before they admit their mistake, even if they smell the rat in their nest. They sold their souls to the Devil for a pittance. The rest is academic; the Democrat Party then sold Obama, the most unqualified, least known member of their party in history to their constituents, halitosis and all. The cabal had enlisted a giant co conspirator.

This transition cannot occur by an honest presentation of a long term plan to lower the entire nation’s standard of living for nefarious purposes. It is brought about incrementally by gradual indoctrination. Democrats, under the delusion that they are finally realizing their every liberal initiative, will carry their prevaricating, pontificating impostor as their standard bearer, halitosis, warts and all, sacrificing what is left of their integrity in exchange for liberal programs like Universal Health Care and free birth control; the Constitution and future of the Republic be damned; which basically makes almost every consorting member of the Democrat Party a traitor. I don’t use that term lightly. Democrats who still refuse to examine the record, appraise their candidate impartially or put country ahead of partisanship reek with contamination…Obama’s conscription process, more insidious, more permeating than the bite of a vampire, has them accepting and repeating lies as dogmatic truths and failure to perform as a promise to succeed. Adolph Hitler was right and the democrat party has betrayed America.

For Obama, a Muslim adjutant, lying is the prescribed, endorsed, Sharia modus operandi. For the democrat denizens and a substantial number of Republicans, it is an accepted political device, never condemned; a honed political skill admired and emulated by one’s peers. A party machine made to order for a cabal whose entire strategy for victory is to hide their true agenda or disguise it with soaring rhetoric by a candidate who can, at a moment’s notice, wrap himself in the flag, spout patriotic prose and declare success in the face of utter failure; even in the face of unwarranted death among those who serve faithfully.

My fellow Americans. This is not the time to practice politics as usual. The Democrat Party of yore is no longer. It is time to walk away and choose America over the alternative before us. It is not as though the facts are buried deep in our archives. Any literate person can do the research. Obama is not who he has led you to believe he is. He doesn’t even make it difficult to prove. You may never discover who he really is but you will soon discover that he is a chameleon; a fraud; a force for deception and change we may deserve but cannot tolerate. If you do not smell the halitosis you may be acquiring the systemic illness that breeds the germs of ignorance. Obama is living a lie and enjoying the sport. The perks are incredible.

Take back America on November 6. Defeat Obama with resounding consequence. Let those who have perpetrated this attempt to transform America retreat with a lesson well learned. The American Constitutional Republic can withstand what they dish out and come roaring back to our former glory. All we have to do is unite once again.

God blessed America, don’t let it go unrequited.


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