The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

It’s not hard to see the deception if you pay attention like my cousin Ron…
His tongue serves as a launching pad for flights of fancy…
From the tomb Douglas bemoans the luck of the draw. He had to debate Abe.

Has everyone noticed the different language coming out of Obama during this campaign period? Suddenly he praises our system of government, our free market, our American individualism. I think I heard him use the word “exceptional” when referring to America. Well, it seems the language that he is using this year is quite different from his language he’s been using over the previous three years. What a difference a re-election year makes. Let’s look at the history to expose the “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
• He showed great disrespect for the separation of powers doctrine and our Constitution when he tried to intimidate the Supreme Court prior to the Obamacare ruling, calling them “unelected” justices and tried to influence their decision.
• Obama’s Energy Secretary said, “Somehow, we have to figure out a way to boost the price of gasoline to European levels” to stimulate green energy use. His Transportation Secretary said he wanted to, “coerce people out of their cars.” Now we wonder why gas prices are so high. Obama takes the position that there is nothing he can do about it. In four years he has taken no action nor made any effort to try to relieve gas prices, which hurt the middle class more than anyone.
• During his campaign in 2008, he spoke of not having a “black or white America but a United States of America.” It was great campaign rhetoric because he has been the most divisive president in our history. Class warfare is his staple.
• Right at the beginning of his term as president, Obama went on a tour of the Middle East, in early 2009, that has become known as his apology tour. He told those nations that the “United States was no longer a Christian nation” and he said that we are not “exceptional.” We are no different than all the other nations in the world. Those words and his policy of “leading from behind” gave our enemies license to act. The result has been a series of civil wars and revolutions that have created political voids that are being filled by our enemies.
• His open mick gaffe with the Russian president when he was overheard saying, “Wait until after the election when I’ll have far more flexibility” exposed his willingness to deceive our European allies and the American people; it was a window into the man’s character and ethical standards.
• In April of this year, he said, “In this country, prosperity has never trickled down from the wealthy. Prosperity has always come from the bottom up.” This is a false statement. It is when the wealthy prosper and create jobs that stimulates our economy and also makes the middle class wealthier. This year, he avoids exposing this belief and speaks well of the free market. His rhetoric during this campaign year and his actions differ dramatically.
• In 2011 he said, “American individualism has been so much a part of the American DNA. The only problem with it is it doesn’t work.” But that is exactly what has made this country the richest in the world. It is our American system that allows an individual to pursue his own success and happiness that draws so many people from other nations. This year he talks about our proud history and takes an opposite position from his earlier remarks in order to get re-elected.
• Regarding capitalism and Individualism that doesn’t work, he quotes Einstein by saying, “you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.” Capitalism and individualism in our free market has historically worked and is the fundamental reason for our rich economy. It’s socialism that hasn’t worked anywhere in the world. So now, for re-election purposes, he praises free enterprise.
• Regarding the economy that he inherited, he constantly reminds us that “we can’t return to the policies that brought us to where we are today.” He fails to mention that it was a democratic congress that offered to support a pattern of relaxed mortgages that created the bubble that caused the economic decline; but he feels if he blames the previous administration enough, he hopes no one will remember the truth or notice that, although the recession ended in June of ’09 shortly after he took office, he has failed to guide us through a much needed vibrant recovery.
• His statement, which he has acted on many times, that if congress won’t act on his proposals, he would act without the congress by using his power of Executive Order. It’s one thing to use the power of Executive Order when time is of the essence, in order to expedite a needed action. That is the reason the Constitution granted such power to the president. But to use that power to intentionally by-pass the congress and the system of checks and balances provided by our Constitution, clearly constitutes an abuse of power.
We already know Obama to be a liar. We know he has a failed record. We also know that he is a master of deception. We know that he does not deserve re-election.
Romney’s words fit the choices he has made. His record supports his ideology. He has a reputation for integrity. He’s very intelligent with a glowing record of success. We Americans need two things; integrity and success. Romney is the only choice that can give that to us.
A little over four years ago, Obama said that if he “can’t fix our economy in four years, he would be a one term president.” Let’s take him at his word for that.
My two cents

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