A little ahead of himself…

Obama was ahead of himself…There will be no further funding for bayonettes is what he meant to say.

Obama actually defended the cuts in military and the fact that we now have the smallest Navy in generations. The idea that ships are obsolete is ludicrous on its face but if he is telling us that technology trumps brute force then where is the new technology he’s talking about? I know…electronic bayonets and Trojan horses…You could see where they would cost less than battle ships…And Obama is an expert on Trojan Horses…The Health Care Bill is loaded with surprises we may never see until it is behind enemy lines. (In this case we are the enemy, as if you didn’t know.)

Elect this impostor and he will stop lying to us. Once he has our jewels in his vice he will not have to lie except to stay in practice.

If every American who is voting for Obama really believes his line they should be happier in Greece. Obama won’t have us to that point for another 2 or 3 years, if that’s what they want…Aliens who voted for Obama will go home anyway once the goose that lays the golden eggs can’t steal anymore eggs to redistribute.

If Obama is re elected the Constitution will become a victim of spontaneous conflagration…well Obama throws that word around a lot lately…maybe not so spontaneous…more like the victim of a planned assault…The Bill of Rights will just need a little tweaking; “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of an oppressive government”….you get the idea…It’s already in the Trojan Horse everyone refers to as Obama Care…yessiree…as well funded as our standing army….to care for Obama.

You may vote for your own execution if you want to…but the hangman will not reveal his true identity…Once you make your grandmother, aunt and brother out to be liars there’s no going back…He will stand by the Birth Certificates he had custom made…they are works of art, after all.

Elections have consequences and the second one may be the charm. Unless the rising tide raises our consciousness and we toss the impostor out come November.

God blessed America; do not let the blessing go unrequited. Vote to save the Republic.


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