A Local Political Brigade



I had the unfortunate experience of going head to head with some young Obama supporters Saturday morning. We were in the Winn Dixie shopping center on Woolbright and Federal Highway in Boynton Beach when the Romney caravan of motorcycle escorts, emergency vehicles and limousines came over the Intracoastal A 1 A bridge and blocked traffic for about 15 minutes in all directions.

I got out of my car and started the exchange by telling them to think about their future and American history before they made a choice that would affect their futures and perhaps the future for their children. I overheard their comments pro Obama and very anti Romney so I decided to have a spontaneous debate. One young Haitian man who said he was in college preparing to become a lawyer, ignored my calm demeanor and mild suggestion that Obama was not looking out for America’s best interests and his record is testimony, or words to that effect, raised his voice and in a challenging tone responded with ” do you want to know why I vote for Obama? Do you want to know? I tell you why! Because Obama, he take care of me!” A pretty young Jamaican lady urged him and her friends not to talk to me because I was evil and would poison their minds with lies saying America was only for rich people and she couldn’t wait to go back to Jamaica. Another young woman who worked in the telephone store we were in front of said they should listen to what I have to say because I was older and more experienced but added that she would vote for Obama because Republicans are against abortion, even when the mother’s life was in danger or in cases of rape and incest…From then on the Haitian college student would look past me when I spoke and when I accused him of not listening and being a little rude he responded with Obama talking points, whether on the economy or health care and I lost the opportunity; it was a one way diatribe. The girls with the Jamaican kid started to chant, laughing, “you the devil.” The motorcade passed, I wished them a good life and went home.

I tried to tell them, to no avail, that you will only get “free stuff” while the country has the productivity to accommodate redistribution…As productivity declines in an environment that discourages wealth accumulation, wealth redistribution tapers off; until those who have become entitlement-dependent demand their free stuff anyway and resort to violence to express their dissatisfaction; visit Greece and Spain.

I tried to tell them that no one begrudges a helping hand to the temporarily unemployed or persons with special needs due to circumstances beyond their control. It is when you vote to make the entitlements a permanent benefit and a reward for idleness that you make a pact with Satan…return payment undisclosed. When you perpetuate the policies that expand entitlements with your vote you are selling your soul to the devil. The devil will extract his due and you will discover that the land of opportunity is no more.

I tried to tell them that the unintended consequences of allowing yourself to be seduced by Socialism is the absence of self determination and the freedoms you take for granted and cannot fully appreciate, until they are forfeited. That is the Devil’s due.

I tried to tell them but their eyes gazed past me when I spoke and could only see the false images handing them free stuff but were not permitted to see the face behind the mask.

I tried to tell them they had no reason to hate and they should not distrust the messenger unless they listened first. Maybe you can tell them for me.

If the debate can influence your vote one way or the other you haven’t paid attention to me, the hundreds of American patriots trying to get through or the last four years foisted on us by Obama. The next time I meet a bunch of Obama supporters I’ll try again, but…my flag will remain at half mast until Obama is defeated and the Republic can be restored.

God blessed America; do not let that blessing go unrequited.


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