Debate or Bait

Folks, this is about last night’s “debate”.

Before I get into that let me set the record straight on the Joe Hyena “debate”. I was reaching for a metaphor and missed by a participle. Ryan was the clear winner and I left the impression that Joe won, when I was trying to say you don’t win by making an ass of yourself, lying and then declaring victory. Mea culpa.

Last night two candidates appeared before the American people and one was presidential, informed, respectful and responsive. The other was arrogant, imperious, dismissive and petty. There can’t possibly be a witness to the event who doesn’t recognize who is who by the above description, no matter who they claim to favor. If I just dropped in from Venus I would be able to tell you which candidate I would not want to represent my country or my planet, and I’d probably begin my visit to earth with low expectations if I learned which one actually held the job for the last four earth years. Beam me up, please.

If we still feel the need for the two men to debate each other it must be due to our charitable and optimistic nature. I would look forward to a good debate; the candidate with the most character, command of the issues, respect for opposing ideas and the ability to confer his positions to an opponent and the audience always wins.

To debate is to argue about the opposing sides of a subject or to discuss the merits, according to Webster. I did not witness a debate yesterday, last week or the week before and I seriously doubt if there will be an honest debate in a political arena ever in my lifetime.

Calling your opponent a liar and not posing a cogent alternative constitutes a statement of opinion that indicates an inability and unwillingness to debate. A debate loses its value and purpose if one side follows the other consistently with non-sequiturs or finds ways and tactics to deprive the listener of key arguments.

I yearn for a good debate but I also know that a chameleon is incapable of debate and an imperious personality does not permit debate. Debate can bare the inner sole and strip away pretense. We listened to Obama’s portion of the hour and a half to misrepresentations of a nature that prove without doubt that Obama knows what would work for America, knows what is expected of a president and knows exactly why we have the disastrous results his administration produced. He attempts to convince the audience that he religiously followed those correct paths in every instance and that the positive results will materialize in the next four years…I’m sure he means metastasize.

One thing Obama said in both debates which is correct to a fault, is that the choice is clear and the differences palpable. (My words). We may not be permitted scholarly or impassioned debate but the choice is made more clear every time both candidates share a stage; a return to the concept of free markets or a continuation of more invasive, stifling government.

God bless America. Please vote for the type of government you want your children to live with.


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