When she finally wakes who will her master be?

Folks, End the war without end to fight the real war at home.

The painful, humiliating truth of America’s understandable responses to terrorism and our unreasonable failure to adjust our policies and deployment will be recorded in history as the greatest tragedy of the 20th and 21st Centuries.
The attack on the Twin Towers raised national consciousness and united our resolve to respond forcefully. To our everlasting shame political posturing shamelessly turned many Americans, especially Democrats, against a patriotic president who went out of his way to follow prescribed protocol before sending our brave men into harm’s way.
Intelligence was shared and politicians on both sides of the aisle took full advantage of the opportunity to show their rage and indignation, confirming the evidentiary reports that Sadam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction”; as if that should have mattered in light of the 9-11 tragedy and loss of American lives. The Senate approved 77-23 George Bush’s request to retaliate against Iraq and Afghanistan. Shamelessly every democrat later denied the record and their own public pronouncements. Damned liars or cowardly traitors?
They succeeded to some extent in tainting the GW legacy and continue an assault on GW’s policies, patriotism, intellect and judgement mercilessly to this day; not only in regards to the Iraq War but every domestic woe we encounter is still attributed to GW Bush. “Bush did it” has been the mantra of the Obama administration and all democrats to deflect any criticism of the most failed presidency in the history of the country…probably in the history of most countries. The record of non achievement is so contrary to America’s best interests it defies logic. Such a record can only be attributed to intentional sabotage; after all the disparity between the promises and the policies is, for all intents and purposes, 100%.
But let’s examine the record more closely. From Obama’s first days in office he made clear his admiration for Islamic religious and cultural heritage, even to the extent of attributing Islam contributions to American heritage where none exist. His immediate priority as President was to visit the Middle East and ceremoniously bow to Arab Chieftains and pay respectful homage to a Middle East mosque. He was unabashed and purposeful in claiming that America is not a Christian nation. He apologized for American exceptionalism. It wasn’t until after the election, at the swearing-in ceremony in fact, that he reclaimed the middle name, Hussein, which he eschewed during the campaign. We soon learned of but remarkably did not comment on his fluent grasp of the Islamic tongue and intimate knowledge of Muslim rites and traditions. We seemed to take it in our stride, as though it is commonplace for a president to demonstrate preference and deference for a culture unfamiliar and foreign to America’s traditional Judea Christian Constitutional relationship. He presides annually, in the White House, over the highest Islamic holiday, the end of Ramadan; the breaking of the Islamic Fast. It became obvious to most but unmentionable to all that the dutifully elected president of the United States of America is more closely aligned with Middle Eastern values, traditions and concerns, than American values and celebrations and the government Americans take for granted will survive any challenge. It follows then that the deplorable strategy America is employing to wage war will not be adjusted under Obama’s presidency…if it is a presidency.
Our troops are exhausted and their humanity is tested constantly in a war with no identifiable enemy, no rules of engagement, no battle lines or traditional battle procedures for which they can be adequately trained. A volunteer army with no assurance or hope of reasonable replacement or support is subjected to horrifying inhumane acts of terrorism, suicide, mutilation, genocide, molestation and degradation and the completion of a defined tour of duty is usually followed by early redeployment; two, three, six and sometimes more returns to the horrors of Jihad where human life has no value until death. The strategy for victory is declared by announcing a date for withdrawal. Our returning veterans are greeted with pity and the wounds that take the greatest toll are emotional and mental and regarded as temporary in nature and treated with minimum concern for long term effects. Americans greet these returning heroes, our sacrificial lambs, with awe and grateful appreciation, almost always with a lump in the throat and tears flowing, knowing we are asking far too much of our youngest and bravest generation.
The reason for this prolonged, unprecedented sacrifice is appalling. America’s elected officials have long since decided that the enemy will remain anonymous. Repeated attacks on American assets, often entailing the loss of American life, have been attributed to various sects and until 9-11 our response has been tepid at best. There has been a steadfast refusal to admit that no matter which sect attacks or takes credit we are dealing with an Islamic Jihad and the Muslims who formed an alliance to overthrow our Christian Society is the Muslim Brotherhood. Killing radical Islamists, whether they are Al Qaeda or of the over 100 branches of the Muslim Brotherhood, will never bring a classic victory or positive result, especially when measured by our cost in lives, limbs and dollars. Muslim governments are killing far more Muslims than we ever will. Our presence in their countries allows them to take delight in the guerrilla tactics that kill our men opportunistically and ritualistically. Must we learn of our fate in history books not yet completed?
Jihad is only effective within our borders. The war we should be fighting is at home. We fight such a war by guarding our borders, protecting our sovereignty and strictly administering our laws. We protect this nation by recognizing the threat from within and denouncing attempts to compromise our society, weaken our institutions and re-frame our moral reference. We have done none of the above…we have permitted political correctness and skewed interpretation of our laws to have the opposite effect. From the White House to governorships, city mayors, civil courts and the Supreme Court we allow illogical interpretations of our laws to dictate illogical thinking and prevent us from taking self preservationist actions. The invasion is nearly complete and the scourge of war, military conflicts, fiscal instability, financial suicide and the threat of Nuclear World War and a total Middle East uprising grips us in fear and inaction. Across our nation militant Muslims have set up training camps, built and continue to build massive Mosques, challenge our system of laws, demand government subsidies, apply for grants, food stamps, medical assistance and even funding for the Islamic education of their offspring and yet display no intention to assimilate; while our government gives them the protection of near anonymity.
The man with two or more aliases, who jealously guards all reference to his origins and pre-political affiliations, presides over the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East, the defamation and persecution of Christian values, the protection and promotion of Muslim initiatives in America, the demolition of our economic structure and continues policies that wreak financial ruin and unemployment is seeking our approval to double down on the policies, corruption and total transformation he warned us about; and we’re thinking it over. Sleeping Beauty has been kissed and even assaulted but remains unstirred and seemingly unshaken. When she finally wakes who will her master be?
Bring our troops home with dignity and honor and turn our national attention to the threat and influence the Muslim Brotherhood is waging in America. Eliminate that threat and our fortunes will be restored. Drastic measures are needed but not yet called for. Dismiss Obama before it is too late.

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