Folks, Unite


With unconditional love to my dear niece and my fellow Americans.


Altered or hidden documents seem to be the byline of Obama’s story. My point, as always, is that there is no clear evidence of Obama’s education, associations, religious preference, place of birth, health records, or any of the common information we expect to have and have a right to know.


When witnesses do come forward they always contradict the undocumented but “official” record. For instance he said that Bill Ayers was just a guy from the neighborhood and we now know that Obama’s career was launched in Bill Ayers’ living room and that they had a very close personal relationship for years…There is a ton of evidence to indicate that Obama is not who he claims to be, replete with witnesses and documentation.


I cited around 20 initiatives and results of his 4 years in office that are a national disgrace and mostly represent a departure from the Constitutional Republic form of government and proven economic principles. Americans do not elect a president to transform the country; especially from greatness to mediocrity and from free markets to Socialism.


Our credit rating was downgraded for the first time in our history under Obama. Still there is not one fiscally responsible, economically acceptable initiative on the table to reverse this trend; a trend that closely resembles the policies that have failed consistently throughout history and are failing before our very eyes in Europe and at home, if only we connect the incriminating dots.

It should not be incumbent on any American to seek historical facts and end up speculating concerning the background or any aspect of the life of the President of the United States. The mere fact that this administration or Obama himself are not forthcoming is reason enough to disqualify him to hold any position of trust in government. As a business man I would not hire anyone who presented himself without solid evidence to back up his claims. Even his love life, according to his book, is presented as a “composite” woman…Sounds like a high maintenance dating proposition to me, like “me and my shadow.”


In the end, America was founded on Judea Christian principles and it was determined by our founders that we would assign certain obligations to government and that government could not assume additional powers unilaterally; it is so written…Obama has created hundreds of new government agencies and hired thousands of IRS employees to enforce penalties under his Health Care bill. He has decreed personal preferences including the distribution of our tax dollars to foreign entities by presidential edict. He has personally decided to punish coal and gas production to favor solar and renewable energy sources and granted billions of dollars to companies that could not qualify for venture capital funding under any legitimate due diligence scenario. He promises to continue in that vein. The few companies that have not declared bankruptcy are far from profitability and will never repay loans. The officers of at least one of those companies have refused to testify, citing self incrimination under the protection of  the 5th Amendment.


He has, against Congress’ explicit objections, funded the Palestinian refugees with known terrorist ties and made arrangements for their residence in the United States, all expenses paid.

He played a major role in bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to prominence in the Middle East which undermines our treaties and relationship with Israel. He has defended every Muslim terrorist and has refused, as president and Commander in Chief, to identify terrorism when it happens or the enemies that haunt us and kill our people. Instead he assigns titles such as “work place violence” and “enemy combatant” and supports civil prosecution for battlefield captured prisoners; military tribunals are reserved for court martial of American military personnel. He steadfastly refuses to provide a truthful account of the assault on our Embassies…Four men were killed and he assigns blame to an innocuous film, really a trailer, putting the producer in fear for his life. The actors in the film had to publicly disclaim any knowledge of the film’s content for their own safety. We are not told that 30 American Embassies have suffered some sort of violence or attack in recent months, meaning the Al-Qaida branch of the Muslim Brotherhood has regrouped, resurfaced, probably refinanced and is making their presence painfully known, despite Obama’s claims to the opposite.


I don’t care where he went to school; at this point he is a menace to society, our American heritage and our security as a sovereign nation. He is a player on the world stage with no credentials and a four year record of embarrassment among world leaders and degradation of this country on every measurable economic statistic and reasonable assertion of our national interests. It is no secret that the Nation of Islam declared war on all infidels and specifically against the United States, Israel and all Jews. The sect of the Islamic religion responsible for this stance is the Muslim Brotherhood which was formed in the United States in 1928 and spawned every terrorist organization with individual assignments, all designed for  a common result. Every act of terror is an act of war and when terrorists take credit for violence and murder and affirm their intentions to wage war to bring down Capitalism by destroying the religious foundation and economic infrastructure of this nation, we have no right to take these acts and loss of life as trivial, solitary events. Whether they occur on our soil, on a field of battle or the sovereign space an Embassy occupies in foreign countries; that too is America. Obama does all in his power to trivialize, reassign or deflect the Muslim Brotherhood role. We are not being protected or given the necessary information we deserve and must have to protect ourselves. Exactly the opposite is occurring. It now requires that the people of this great nation take it upon themselves to learn and become informed and take action; that is a fundamental tenet of the Constitution.


It is time for all Americans to put aside their narrow self interests, liberal preferences and party loyalties. The battle to defend the Republic is now taking place in the minds and hearts of the people, only deterred by the sharp divisions created by political gamesmanship. Our government has either chosen to side with the enemy or will not engage the war to our satisfaction or in the best interest of the Constitutional Republic. These are the times the founders had in mind that demands our active participation. All of our differences and opinions are petty and irrelevant in that perspective and if we save the Republic we can get back to those arguments when our children are safe in their beds and neighborhoods and our churches are the source of our moral and ethical guidelines.


We are at war; not fully or effectively engaged, but nonetheless at war; and it is a world war. Elections are important and can change the way the war is fought and the entire complexion of the struggle. We will not win the war on defense, ask any commander or prize fighter. But no matter which candidate takes up residence in the White House the single most powerful weapon against the enemy within and about are the people and to succeed we must unite. What is at stake is a government that protects self determination and recognizes individualism and does not pretend or attempt to legislate it. I will not ask if you are a Democrat, Libertarian, Republican or Independent; if you were born in America or where your forebears emigrated from. I do not notice for the record the color of your skin, where you worship or if you worship, or the shape of your eyes. I will only ask if you are committed to restoring this nation as a functioning democratic, Constitutional Republic, whose body of law is based on Judea Christian civil behavior; because that is what we must defend and guard zealously. If we agree as Americans that something is gone terribly wrong in America then it remains that we end the blame game and source solutions. If logic prevails we cannot begin the counter attack and a restoration unless the leader understands and believes in our cause. Obama has stated his doubts and concerns with our traditional form of government, our Constitution and Bill of Rights. He has said as much but if you doubt me ask yourself what is implied by total transformation. A new leader must emerge and he must be watched and guided just as the Constitution requires, no matter who he is.


France has become a nation so divided that she has lost her cultural identity. Muslims have penetrated every facet of their society to the point that their demands for equality have resulted in their dominance over traditional French laws and society. The police have sectors of Paris and other cities which are designated off limits to them and exempt from normal enforcement…The economic burden on their infrastructure has affected their ability to provide even basic services in some cases. So France is now doing what every liberal societal critic decries…mass arrests of suspected terrorists and non assimilating Arabs. It may be too little too late because the Muslim Brotherhood has become so well entrenched and influential that their objections to “unfair treatment” may result in “negotiations” and an easing of enforcement. Already the Burka rule, requiring Muslim women to bare their faces in public, has been ignored and defied. You see in France they have identified the problem and it is known as the Muslim Brotherhood.


Sharia Law is now part of the English Parliament for consideration in trying various cases…You will not walk ten feet on the streets of London without the uncharacteristic Muslim presence everywhere.


It boils down, simplistically but widely unrecognized, to know who the enemy is, what his tactics are and what their end game is. What drives them is Jihad but that is merely the device used to incite and motivate their followers. The goals of the movement are far more sinister and political in nature; they speak of world domination. If the Muslim Brotherhood were held to account for their worldwide ambitions and destabilizing acts of terror and war, we would find that our economic woes, not only in America but internationally, would be greatly abated. Even our health care system would regain some semblance of fiscal responsibility.


The choice in this election is as stark and well defined as no democratic process has ever witnessed. Barak is now cautiously demarking the choice as between Capitalism and Socialism. That was not his clearly stated position when he ran for office in ’08. Americans did not take seriously or attach the proper significance to campaign banter that alluded to redistribution of wealth, uniquely the domain of Socialism, dictatorships, Fascism, etc. Even Joe Biden and Obama are not willing to give their chosen philosophy a name. Instead they refer to “fairness”…the rich can afford to pay their “fair share”…help us get that concept accepted and we’ll give what we take form the “haves” to the “have-nots”; the oppressed members of society. By the way that’s a lie. When they take from the “rich” they will shortly thereafter reduce what the “have-nots” are now getting and redefine the qualification of rich downward. Why do you think Social Security is already renamed Government Entitlement? With the assumption of reelection Obama has set the stage for confiscation…the money you paid into Social Security is designated to become a government asset…Your “retirement” will be doled out from the next confiscatory initiative, likely 401K’s. The new Socialist States of Obama will take your 401K’s and IRA’s and dole that money out when they see fit, in dribs and drabs, 20 years hence. Perhaps they will be even more creative than that, but I’m stating the obvious; all socialist styled governments eventually resort to confiscation by necessity, even the dirt “your” house is built on.

What is slowing our ability to deal with the real problems America is facing today is partisanship and political correctness. It isn’t even politically correct to accuse anyone of partisanship. Let’s determine not to be offended by our neighbor’s choices. Allow our differences to fade, as they will, by our common interest; the future of this country and our children’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If we can do that I don’t mind if you disagree with my God given rights…it is your God given right to say so. I will smile and hope you succeed or die trying…or live to try again. That is one way to realize the American dream. It all starts and ends with our belief in a Higher Power that instilled self determination in every human being but only in America is it manifest.




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