A dentist’s dream..

Folks, The grate debate…
Joe Biden won the debate; not by an avalanche, not even by a respectable margin. Actually there was nothing repsectable, or respectful, about it.
Joe made his points but not without bold faced lies on issues that could not possibly be addressed truthfully and still come away with a victory…tainted as it is.
My mother would not have approved if I behaved the way Joe did for the entire 90 minutes. My mother would not tolerate such behavior from me for one minute, never mind 90. From what I know about Joe through mutual aquaintences, his mother would have disapproved as well. Only his dentist could have been proud of Joe last night.
But crude behavior and bad manners are not new to Joe…he is the perfect shill to put in front of the American people to do what had to be done in the eyes of the Obama campaign. Distract, disrupt and disparage. Get Ryan off his game by any device that comes to mind…be yourself…that’s always good for a laugh. Repeat our mantra on Libya, feign indignation, blame the State Department and stand on your credentials because you were there Joe…you were everywhere…You were behind George Washington crossing the Delaware in freezing darkness, whispering words of encouragement and reminding the tiller that Trenton is on the left side of the Delaware…and laugh Joe, laugh. Demonstrate to the American people the air of dignity, decorum, self respect and gravitas you and Obama bring to the White House. Tell a few whoppers, accuse your opponent of lying, and then just sit back and laugh.
He who laughs last laughs best.
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