Ask me no questions…


Folks, ask me no questions I’ll tell you no lies…

If this was his platform 4 years ago would you have stood in awe for hope and change and come out in record numbers to elect a man with at least two aliases?

This is what he should have told us. Will you vote for him now?

I will defend the nation by reducing our military capability.

I will protect our sovereignty by submitting to the United Nations.

I will defend our borders with de facto amnesty and lawsuits to estop states from acting in their own self interests.

I will reduce debt by increased, record spending.

I will borrow astronomically and remain mute as our credit rating plummets for the first time in history.

I will increase employment by shutting down industries.

I will increase fuel production by cutting oil leases in half.

I will reduce Heath Care costs by increasing patient load, decreasing medical personnel and hiring thousands of IRS agents to enforce penalties.

I will control spending by not producing a budget.

I will defend our embassies by reducing and denying military protection.

I will have a transparent administration by sealing records, destroying documents and stonewalling investigations.

I will support Israel by aiding the Muslim Brotherhood.

I will protect our troops by spreading them thin and cutting their supplies.

I will recognize our Judea Christian heritage by showing preference to Islamic Muslim initiatives.

I will defend the Constitution by circumventing Congress and issuing edicts.

I will respect our sacred military ceremonies to honor our fallen heroes by holding the crotch salute.

I will unify the nation by pitting white against black, rich against poor, young against old, the unemployed against bankers.

I will seek common ground by telling Republicans that elections have consequences and that they will sit at the back of the bus.

I will create harmony by insulting the Supreme Court Justices, the president of Israel, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, The Queen of England and Germany’s Chancellor among others.

I will uphold my Christian values by imposing those issues Christians are bound by their faith to oppose.

I will deny my Muslim faith by admitting to it publicly, bow to Muslim potentates, recite the Muslim call to prayer in perfect Arabic, and forbid the media to report my words and other irrefutable evidence.

I will prove I was born in Hawaii by producing multiple birth certificates and ridiculing those who provide proof to the contrary.

I will uphold the rule of law by never allowing my administration to cooperate with investigators.

I will set an example of honesty and patriotism by denying all my subversive, terrorist, criminal ties, counter American, anti white, black supremacist relationships and affiliations and never commenting on exposures.

I will lead the way to entrepreneurial success by investing billions in bankrupt green companies and regulate the coal and gas industries into submission.

I will increase your purchasing power by printing money at warp speed and bailing out European banks without Congressional oversight or consent of the people.

I will support American investor confidence by unilaterally cancelling the rights of bondholders to give their equity to union pals and claim I saved the automobile industry.

I will have a billion dollar campaign fund by obeying and following all fund raising laws and regulations meticulously; especially by advertising for and accepting foreign donations.

I will reward success by taxation and denial of self determination, creativity and sweat equity.

I will suggest that fuel prices are raised to European standards or $5 a gallon, my Energy Chief will support $8 prices and I will maintain that the president is powerless to affect the price of fuel in America.

I will look back on my achievements and wonder privately, “What in the name of Allah is holding this country up?”

“We have come too far to go back now” is a revealing statement and frightening that a sitting president with a trail of devastation to show for his term in office would dare to use it as a plea for reelection…

America, though wounded and degraded, is still standing. Give me four more years and if the transformation isn’t complete by then I will be a two term elected president…but i will pronounce myself president for life, or dictator in sheik…By then America will be in shambles and it will take a president with my knowledge, experience and vision to make the changes only I can impose and claim vast improvement in he face of utter failure. We are on the right track…indeed.

He did tell us that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical documents. He did tell us that the Muslim call to prayer is the sweetest sound on earth. There is more…much more, far darker evidence, that goes beyond the results and speaks to the ideology and motivation behind the results…Some insist that it is rank speculation…beware of those persons…When facts add up we are obliged to speculate and demand explanations. When none are forthcoming we are entitled to act on logical deductions and doomed if we don’t. Four years ago I wrote that America was invaded…That a cabal placed an operative in the White House…Examine the record and draw your own conclusions…I am entitled to mine, and it is with heavy heart that I point out the accuracy of my observations.

If all Obama is is a stopped clock why wasn’t he right twice a day? or twice in four years?..He shut down oil production in the Gulf for America and turned it over to foreign interests, giving them our tax money to restart production…production that would go to foreign countries. He cut the number of oil leases on Federal lands in half and now takes credit for increased production the private sector developed, despite EPA and other government interference…but that’s just American resiliency and determination; the accomplishments we cannot take credit for…

Do not call me Hussein until I tell you to; and we dutifully obeyed.

See the light. Demand that our freedom, endowed by the Lord, deprived by an anomaly, be restored constitutionally. Remove the impostor by any and every means available to us.


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