Did you see the great Venezuelan debates? Me neither.

I hold to the premise that there are no coincidences in politics. FDR admitted everything in politics is intentional.
Obama attended a fund raiser after the debate and had a record breaking result. Now we are informed that Obama is a world class international fund raiser. You will overlook the fact that is illegal to solicit or accept foreign contributions when you realize how well loved Obama is world wide. Just three weeks ago we were told repeatedly that Romney’s war chest dwarfed Obama’s. Magically Obama has taken the lead in that respect.  A jack, one deuce, five of clubs, six of hearts and a nine of diamonds beats a Royal Flush if you have a loaded revolver under the table.
Now we are asked to believe that getting a 15 round trouncing at the Olympics of Presidential debates is the formula for receiving the Gold Medal of post debate fund raising. I don’t smell a rat; I see a rat infestation of Biblical proportions.
Solyndra was not an isolated case. It was merely an example of the arrogant determination to follow through on a course of action for sinister reasons. Solyndra was predicted to fail on a date specific regardless of the capital injection which was declined during the Bush administration but doggedly revised and funded by Obama. It filed for bankruptcy as predicted. It pleased the Obama team so well that they sought out and funded the following companies with little or no due diligence or regard for the admonitions to refrain from throwing taxpayers’ money down a sewer; borrowed to serve a cause beyond our ken, to be sure.
Abound Solar, Amonix Solar, Solar Trust, Bright Source, Beacon Power, Ecotality, A123 Solar, UniSolar, Azure Dynamics, Ener 1, LSP Energy, Energy Conversion Devices, Evergreen Solar were all “fast tracked” to approval for idiot money…we are the idiots who made a billion dollar campaign kitty possible.
2 plus 2 is 4 and I was not born at night, sired by the North Wind…These companies were funded in time to kick back to the Obama campaign or his assignees as they went down for the third time. Obama predicted before Solyndra that he would have a billion dollar war chest for his campaign. Coincidence or con-incidence? Most of Obama’s contributors are of the small fry variety too small to be traced. Coincidence or con-incidence? His loyal subject-contributors reside in Europe, China, S. America and….you won’t believe this…the Middle East! Coincidence or con-incidence! With deep appreciation for our financial, moral and political support the Muslim Brotherhood will ease our pain by sharpening their Jihad blade before they slit our throat one day.
An unlimited war chest is a huge advantage in American politics…but is it enough?
Hugo Chavez just “won” another term in Venezuela. The election was a necessary inconvenience; after all Venezuela is a democracy and Chavez will keep up appearances. They do not have a Constitution that limits government powers to those assigned by the People. Control the head and the body falls.
Obama is learning that control of one branch of government in America is not a guarantee that the people will succumb to his dictatorial ambitions and the states can be problematic obstacles. He too would be elected and reelected in Venezuela; in America reelection is more complicated. He’ll cheat just like Chavez but it remains to be seen if he can cheat enough. He’s got Chavez’ vote without trying.
Deprive the Commander in Sheik of total transformation. Demand he be removed for cause; we have many. We have one month to decide if we will restore America as a functioning Constitutional Republic to allow a cabal to transform and demean us in its image…an Islamic Fascist democracy where even Hugo Chavez could be elected and Ahmadenajad is hailed as a great leader.
Ban Obama’s guns not mine.
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