The Blind Sheik

Trial balloons are very special indicators of hidden agendas. They come in various models….lead, which seldom rise above sea level or Mylar which can withstand high altitudes and reflects all that it encounters.
We should be very wary of the trial balloon that fails to rise. It too has a message, often more ominous that the soaring Mylar filled with hot air and seen by many.
As an example we are suddenly confronted with rumors so obnoxious that most of us tend to dismiss them out of hand…Will Obama free the blind sheik? If the rumor wasn’t a trial balloon Obama himself or any one of his flunkies would renounce the idea as an absurdity. Instead we get the same ol’ same ol’
politically framed denial issued by an official we have to do a google search on to find out which rock they reside under.
Behind the scenes however, at the highest levels of international negotiations, privy only to the Commander in Sheik and one trusted double agent, the conversation goes like this. “How in Allah’s name am I supposed to help you guys when you decide to blow stuff up and kill people while I’m trying to come up with a lame excuse to do whatever the heck it was you ordered me to do? I don’t know who the blind sheik is but every time I mention his name all hell breaks out around here…Hilary says open his cage and poison his guards, Allen West starts calling me irresponsible, un-American and even things we denied officially hundreds of times, Valerie Plame keeps telling me she’ll get back to me and my kids want pork chops for breakfast. I ordered a hundred Mylar balloons and they delivered one big lead job I can’t even fit in the oval office.”
“0@$#%^&@@^*(_^!)&)&&&%^**&%$#!” (Arabic response)
“Whatever. Look I’ve got to get ready for the Letterman Show and I’m holding up a foursome at the first tee.Tee! T-e-e…tee! Not t-e-a…I hate t-e-a….*&^&%$#$#@!???  I brew my own beer…that’s what I drink..*(&^&%!!! .b-e-e-r…it’s a Christian drink…oh never mind. Do you want to here the specials for November or not? !@!#$%^&*(!@!111! Well of course the sheik is entitled to food stamps and Social Security. But good only in November, if he gets to go free and since he’s on disability…*&^%^$#$%!!!!!…I know he’s blind; it don’t matter anymore…he will get paid and he doesn’t even have to go to work…He’s entitled to 99 weeks of unemployment if we include extensions, disability and friends in high places .*&^&^$%#$#@#… yes, blowing things up and burning American flags is hard work but he can take it easy…we’ll release another Mohammad video or some dirty pictures and you’ll get the same effect and I can blame it on Bush and the Internet…but for November only, when he’s released we will hand over 100 natural born American citizens or the equivalent of how many will die…*&*^&*&%^^^&$%#111!!! No, I’m sorry that’s not negotiable…100 is the special, no exceptions_!!!!#$^$%#(*%^&)!!! Yeah I know he’s good for 3000 but my hands are tied on this…Believe me if I could do better I would…” @#$%^&%$^#$$  “Bear with me. After the election I’ll have more flexibility.”
Evil never rests.
PS. It matters not one whit that blaming terrorist murder and mayhem on an innocuous, obscure video, puts the lives of the producers and actors in jeopardy. They’re just Americans.
Be an American; vote for one. Disarm Obama not me.
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