Forefathers to the rescue…

Finally! Obama was exposed as an intellectual lightweight last night. I think we now know why his scholastic records are top secret. (Aside from the fact that he received aid as a foreign student).
To appear before millions of Americans completely unprepared, uninformed and misinformed is an insult to us all. We have a right to expect the President to present his case intelligently, no matter how flawed. It demonstrates his contempt for the electorate, in that he fully expected soaring rhetoric to trump honesty, facts and reality.
He showed his total commitment to socialist programs and complete lack of respect for our fundamental economic system repeatedly. When he tried to win over the working class with the following patronizing line he revealed his weakness and his ideology; “I believe we do better when the middle class is doing well.” How bankrupt that statement is against the backdrop of his policies, edicts and divisive hate speech.
When Obama supporters chant “4 more years!” it can only be compared to a pirate who just got 60 lashes for tasting the captain’s rum calling for another 60 lashes knowing he will never get another sip of the forbidden potable.
Consider the following. By fostering and encouraging entitlements, stifling job creation and sponsoring revenue programs that tax “small business” the middle class has nowhere to go but onto government programs, or for the rare exception, breaking out of the middle class on the upside…become one of the despised rich.  Despite Obama’s claim that he targets only businesses with income of $250,000 and up, he is effectively taxing people who net as low as $60,000; (check the Sub Chapter S corporation tax options) a potential dictator’s entitlement trap.
An American middle class, in a free market Capitalist system that is functioning well must constantly regenerate; entrance level employees work their way up the ladder and become middle class and middle class workers become middle class employers and the economy grows, creates wealth and moves on.  No government can sustain a stagnant middle class. Before any of that can transpire however, entrepreneurs must be given back the ability to secure capital by sharing risk…Romney isn’t quite there yet either, if truth be known.
I think Obama confused the Middle Class with the Middle East…He believes we do better when the Middle East is doing well is what he meant to say and thanks to his moral, financial and strategic support the Muslim Brotherhood is doing very well, thank you. Romney may choose to bludgeon Obama with that bloody cudgel in the next debate.
So what beat Obama last night? Romney’s knowledge of data, facts and policies is encyclopedic. He presented himself as a caring, easy to understand moral guy with a quick smile and a firm handshake. In the end however, Obama was defeated by the Constitution. Obama’s willingness and record of circumventing our system of government bit him where the sun don’t shine and in closing Romney pointed to that document as his guiding wisdom and Obama has no quid pro quo.
Half mast but hopeful,
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