Allen West

Often the expression “let’s separate the men from the boys” is used inappropriately. However in Allen West’s campaign against a candidate who has gratuitous support because the Dems fear “Allen West”, and benefits from millions of dollars in Party money to unseat Congressman West, it is most fitting and perfectly suitable.
The man we are talking about is Lt. Col. (R) Allen West. A decorated war hero who has distinguished himself on the field of honor and again in public life almost overnight and earned the respect and admiration of his constituents and patriotic Americans nationwide, yet remains humble and true to his friends, his faith and his country.
“The boy” we refer to is singularly undistiguished and has refused,(sensibly) to address issues or compare real political positions with a man who is obviously and by far more acqauinted and better prepared right now with facts, solutions and policies than he could hope to become. His campaign strategy is to rely on (he hopes) overwhelming financial resources that even his wealthy father would not provide if his opponent were an uncontroversial local figure with no national recognition or the gravitas of serious life and death experience. Need I say more.
Vote for Allen if you can, support him if you can. America can’t risk losing men of this caliber.
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